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Biased Media is a real threat to Indian Democracy..

JOURNALISM.., the tool by which a common man knows about the global society. In other words, it is an extent of knowledge. The Transparent medium has now become one way mirror. The lack of originality and spam of unwanted content in media created mistrustfulness over that. The sharing of fake news without analysing by us in social platforms and the content which stimulates violence, are even shared in social platform where the journalism’s role is much lesser is also a threat to democracy. Let us discuss about what created this and what it leads to? ...

How spam threat to democracy?

The need to telecast 24/7 news has put pressure over the media. The fresh content is not readily available whole day. Thus they moved to cover even the unwanted regional and sensational news. The lack of time failed to analyse the originality of content and its effects in society. Caste related issues and mob lynching are some examples. This is perfectly used by some politicians and powerful people; they use it as a screen and do some large activities on the background without the knowledge of media. Thus the spam and sensational content turned the way of coverage and finally blocks the knowledge over that content.

TRP – An enemy behind

Competitiveness in real world kills the democracy. A fair example is from 2012 Delhi Gang Rape case. The competition among the channels had made them to release the identity of the victim and kills her more and more. And also in case of Wing.Cdr.Abhinanthan case. Since it is a rating and totally depends on views, much sensational and unwanted information are leaking and released in social platform. Hence form an imbalance in the society.

Freedom of press – unwanted at certain

The blockage of two news channels by the GOI over the coverage of ammunition stockpiled in pathankot airbase during the attack is a perfect example for the misuse of freedom of press. According to experts, it is better to keep secret of defence related information, because it may challenge the security of country. Hence freedom of press should be limited at certain cases.

Sensation collapses democracy

Covering of news or specifying symbolically or through other representation of caste, religion and other separatist movement is unfair. Because during telecast it may have lot of chances to support or justify over one-side and left the rest. And also a situation like mob lynching needs not to be spread, because it can increase the tension. It should only be taken to the eyes of the government. Ex: Anti-sikh riot 1984, killing of innocent people by misunderstanding them as kidnapers in India last year, violence on Tamil nadu -Karnataka people during kaveri river water dispute, etc... are some examples.


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