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Economic Offenders in India

Management of the planning in India now itself a infrastructure activity.Offenders is a punishable activity. To trace the offenders is a herculean task. Offenders are a multiplying like spirituality and prosperity ."Management of the justice in India" is a political phenomenon. Offenders having criminal background cannot enter into active politics and ministerial levels.Some people are immigrated into other states and nations due to offending activity.Vijay mallya , Robert vadhera all are subjected to management of justice in India. Tazleema Nazreen will get "Indira Gandhi award for International Understanding" for the bonafide record of"status of women in India". The International organizations have a record of offending activities in India ,& the actual beneficiaries vested in Industrial giants.

Fugitive activities are incorporated in the section 178 in the Insolvency & Bankruptacy Code of India ,2017. Some of our NRI accounts are offenders .There are separate courts for offending activities.New political parties are not vote bank ,rather bureaucrazy ,are against offending activity. "Money is a good servant , But a bad master." Huge crorepathis add to their wealth. Poor people add miseries. Money can avoid miseries from reappearing again,in that sense financial freedom are corporated in the law of justice.

In India , Money laudering are punishable.All illegal forums are trusted by local personalities.Trusted people are the biggest asset for the nation. There are govt. related jobs .Money are an activity ,that is to promoted for a change in economy.The Backwash effect in economy is diluted in the system.All economies have offending activity. In USA & In UK there is offending activity. There is liberty also.

The newly elected political parties are active against offending activities. They have a scope for generation of income. The active offenders are listed in the computer.everything is computer today. Life is computer today. Software is Tent today. Lifestyle is a fashion today .All Hobbies are part & parcel of the economic & household management. Illegal house hold management and illegal wealth are part of the culture to neutralize the social life to a plenty. Even spiritual world is polluted with offending activity. There are many types of pollutions.It is a hazard. Life has a lot of hazards to overcome for success.The only possessions in life is quantity of resourses .India wait for a long period to overcome the corruption in all fields of life,. There are anti-corruption movements in all states . They allow people to aware of the job fields in life . Every body needs job. Suitable job. Offending is a lucrative activity of the evil people. All lucrative money are caste -wise analysed to as noble.All noble professions are subjected to professional Dogmatism. People will tolerate the Professional Dogmatism,if the offending are marginalized. Many marginalized people are illtreated first,but due to overcoming corruption,they are trusted to justice.

Avoiding Corruption is a hard job. Corruption eradication is not the job of the national leaders . They are also the duty of the office bearers of the national organizations .Even Religious leaders and priests and prophets are having the duty to eradicate corruption. Corruption and Offending activity are two sides of the coin. Inequality is a double edged sword.They do harm to people. They allow harm to creep into society.

- Abraham Johnson Achaniyil