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Nomenclature Of Tropical Cyclones

Tropical cyclones are known in different names in different parts of the world as Hurricanes in West Indies belt, Tornado/ Twister in USA mainland, Cyclones in Indian Ocean and Typhoons in Northwest Pacific ocean. The practice of naming cyclone was started by the United States Meteorological Department. The name reduces the risk of confusion between cyclones occurring at the same time helping in effective communication. Also provide a useful reference point to facilitate disaster risk awareness, preparedness, management and reduction. United States Meteorological Department names the cyclones occurring every year in alphabetical order from A to W leaving Q, U, X, Y and Z. Anyone hearing about this could also identify the number of the cyclone (Ex. A name starting with letter G means that it is the seventh cyclone occurred in the year).

Practice of naming cyclones in the Indian Ocean started in the year 2004. Tropical cyclones of various regions are named from a list of names prepared by the group of countries belonging to that region. These lists are maintained by the World Meteorological Organization. Rim countries of Indian Ocean such as India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Pakistan, Maldives, Myanmar and Thailand were given through consensus, the opportunity to name cyclones by turns.