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Words are Sharper than the two-edged sword

"Better than a thousand hollow words; is one word that bring peace"

- Lord Buddha

Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair. They can transfer the knowledge from teacher to student. Words can enable the orator to sway his audience & dictate its decisions. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all men's actions. Daily in news we caught some kind of statements given by famous personalities before media. Sometimes these words can create disputes between two parties or between two nations

History also took stand regarding this statement. Many a time's kings fought because of statements given by them against each other. As an example when Babur's soldiers refused to fight against India as they were homesick, then Babur influenced them by saying that this is not a fight against a nation but it is "jihad" for securing our religion. The issue created by M.A. Jinnah to make Pakistan as a separate state was not violent in nature in beginning but it took a violent shape because of the way he influence muslim league with his words.

These things should be understood by our respected leaders. They should be accountable about what they say.

Disputes of Kashmir is a good example of it as many a times meetings held between parties of two nations but always it get disrupted because of the comments by the leaders of respective states & next day headlines appear in the news regarding the given comments creating disputes again.

If some kind of terrorist activities is taking place our leaders of some communal parties like RSS, Shiv Sena put allegations on other communities especially muslims. As a result of which communal violence took place. According to our constitution, India is a secular country then why these communal riots took place. It is because of the religion based statements given by respective leaders.

These are the words which can create disputes as well as peace. Leaders like M.K Gandhi, Abrahim Lincon always gave speech to spread peace and nonviolence.

In today's world also some leaders give statements of peace. As an example U.S secretary John Kerry told IIT students that society which does not give equal opportunities to its citizens make them a potential extremist or terrorist. So it also means that we have to build a bridge of tolerance and acceptance, compassion, mutual understanding among every religion & Sect.

Most of the time we see the news about intolerance between two religions or parties. Why there is intolerance? In everyday life, middle class people don't bother about the religion of their friends and neighbors. But the intolerance is of statements given by leaders against each other.

During the time of elections participants make promises by words only, but hardly fulfill them after winning the elections. This is not only the problem of high class parties ruling nations but also the parties working at grass root level. Why people took stand for these contestants, because they respect and trust their words. But what happens to the people when they don't find a single promise to be fulfilled by them. As a result they feel disheartened and never do trust any new and old leader again & they became antigovernment & don't give support to government policies.

Sometimes some words are likely to be warning, challenge & suggestion. It is up to us how we take it. In recent G-20 summit our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi hits out Pak as a one stop shop of terror. He said in one of his interventions "Indeed one single nation in South Asia is spreading these agents of terror in countries of our region". This statement can be taken as allegation by Pak but as awareness for other developed countries like USA.

So need of the hour is, to think before we speak anything, as words are sharper than two edge sword.

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-Vindhya Vasini