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Civil services exams- better or worse?

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The civil cervices exams are a terror as we all know it. The reason being that only one, out of probably five hundred people, is able to clear the test due to its degree of difficulty. The average people find it very difficult or even next to impossible to clear this paper. It is believed that only the gifted and highly intellectual and smart people can clear it that too with great difficulty and a rigorous preparation.

The pattern observed earlier was a one in which the aspirants or people undertaking the examination were supposed to give a preliminary test and then the mains and only if they cleared the main examinations they were selected further. However the pattern will shortly change and the change will be observed from next year onwards. Therefore the people applying for civil services examination will be experiencing a different pattern all together, for the better or for the worse, no one knows yet but it is hopefully for the better only.

The aspirants applying for the civil services examination will now have to undergo a civil services aptitude test (CSAT) in which the aspirants will be tested on their aptitude through two very objective based tests, unlike the earlier way in which one gets shortlisted for the main examination only after clearing the preliminary examination. These two objective type papers will test on both, the aspirants aptitude for civil services as well as it will test on a person’s ‘ethical and moral decision making skills’.

Equal weightage will be given to both these papers and both these papers are introduced with the aim of replacing the common paper called as the general awareness paper and the second paper which is the optional paper or any particular choice of subject paper which was basically there to test a person’s subject knowledge.

These two papers are the only changes that have been introduced by the government which will be enforced from next year onwards that is 2011. The rest of the pattern will remain the same as before. The aspirants clearing these two examinations will then be short listed for the main exam and then the interviews which will be followed after giving the main exams. The pattern for the main exam and the interview will remain the same until next year or in other words next year would be more or less a trial basis for a new pattern.

If the government feels that there is a need for change in pattern of the main exam as well as the interview then it will be considered after next year. As of now the two aptitude tests are the only main changes in the civil services examination. These changes are definitely for the better as this pattern will give more people the encouragement and hope that civil services is not next to impossible and there is chance for even the average hard working people. It is hoped that more number of people will be able to clear the papers so that a fair chance is given to all of them to prove themselves.

Harmeet Monga

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