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Core Issues Of General Lok Sabha Election-2014

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India is the largest democratic country in the World. Electing the representatives of the people is the foremost feature of the country. World will again witness when people of India will elect their representatives for the 16th Lok Sabha.

We have witnessed the earlier General Election were fought on issues like poverty, shining India concept, welfare of backward classes and tribes and on the basis of secularism verses communalism.

The national political parties as well as regional parties have contested the election on the above issues and cheated the common man by making tall promises to improve their living standards but have done nothing in that regard.

The 16th Lok Sabha election is very important in many ways. It looks as if the entire scenario has changed while discussing the issues on which Political parties are going seeking vote in their favor. The above mentioned issues this time will not work in favor of the political parties to fool the common people.

The hardcore issues in the 16th Lok Sabha election are mentioned below and none of the political parties can ignore them.

The first issue that will affect the general election is the Corruption. In the last ten years, we have seen numerous scams/scandals involving huge monetary loss to the Government's exchequer. People are now very angry on the issue of corruption and want this issue to be addressed immediately.

The second major issue will be the inflation in India. We have witnessed high rate of inflation during the last 5 years. The prices of very basic things like grains, vegetables, sugars etc have raisin to record high level. People are under the burden of rising prices, this issue s will certainly will affect the 2014 general election election.

The third issue is the unemployment among the youth. Indian youth is almost in a precarious situation and feel frustrated due to lack employment opportunities even after having all the degrees. This has created a very tense environment. With record number of voters between 21-30 years of age, unemployment factor will figure importantly in the election.

The fourth issue is the development index which includes Social Development, Economic Development and cultural development. In terms of social development, the issues of women safety and improvement of the condition of women is very important.

Economic development means concept of inclusive growth or development for all and increasing the growth rate. In last two decades, we have seen that the gap between rich and poor has grown. The rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. It seems that the policy makers while framing policies did not pay much attention in this regard. The idea of inclusive growth is lagging everywhere. There is wide spread anger on the issue of economic development.

The fifth issue is the question of national integrity and national security. In the recent times, we have seen our neighboring countries viz. China, Pakistan had tried to encroachment of Indian Territory and violated the existing International norms on borders of our country.

Also, the incidents like, brutal killing of our soldiers by Pakistani army and then some foolish statement by politician in this regard has aggravated the anger of the common people.

Also, the Maoist problem in some parts of the country and the failure on the part of Government in tackling them is another core issue.

In the general election-2014 issues like communalism, secularism will nowhere in picture. People will vote to the candidates who can work for their development.

It seems that the people are supporting parties that are discussing the development in inclusive terms without emphasizing on particular community or religion. This is the most significant part of the general election 2014.

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