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Wake up India, she is dead

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The young woman whose rape and torture by six hoodlums on a Delhi bus shook a nation's conscience died early Saturday morning, triggering a wave of grief and declarations of resolve not to let her loss go in vain.

The 23rd yr old student of physiotherapy died in Singapore, where she had been airlifted by the Indian government in a last ditch move to save her and maintain order in a capital city that threatened to erupt in fury over the attack on its streets.

"We are very sad to report that the patient passed away peacefully at 4.45am (2.15 am India time) on December 29. Her family and officials of High commission of India were by her side," said Kevin Loh, CEO of Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital. She had been moved there on Thursday after her condition at New Delhi's Safdurjung Hospital deteriorated with a cardiac arrest.

"She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain," Loh said of the victim who fought for her life with "great fortitude and courage."

She was assaulted at 9.30pm on December 16 while returning to Dwarka with a friend from a movie show at a south Delhi mall. She beaten, raped and a rusty, L-shaped iron rod forced into her body, before she and her friend were stripped down and thrown out of the bus to die. The injuries were so severe that her intestines had to be removed.

The woman who had bravely resisted her assailants, amazed Safdurjung doctors with her strength of character, at one point writing a note in the hospital saying: "Mother I want to live."

Her body was due to be flown back in the early hours of Sunday. A 114-seater Airbus 319 was chartered by the home ministry and flown to Singapore from Delhi at 8pm on Saturday with four government officials on board to bring her home.

These two papers are the only changes that have been introduced by the government which will be enforced from next year onwards that is 2011. The rest of the pattern will remain the same as before. The aspirants clearing these two examinations will then be short listed for the main exam and then the interviews which will be followed after giving the main exams. The pattern for the main exam and the interview will remain the same until next year or in other words next year would be more or less a trial basis for a new pattern.

If the government feels that there is a need for change in pattern of the main exam as well as the interview then it will be considered after next year. As of now the two aptitude tests are the only main changes in the civil services examination. These changes are definitely for the better as this pattern will give more people the encouragement and hope that civil services is not next to impossible and there is chance for even the average hard working people. It is hoped that more number of people will be able to clear the papers so that a fair chance is given to all of them to prove themselves.

Harmeet Monga

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