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Modi's UAE visit

Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has enhanced image of nation through extending friendly relationship with numerous countries of the world. His UAE visit is significant because he is the first Indian PM to visit the Gulf nation in 34 years.

The Prime Minister during his two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates or UAE highlighted some important issues and in his speech, Mr. Modi has firmly mentioned that both countries will not tolerate the terror inflicted in the name of religion. Terrorists who are responsible for dreadful terror attacks must be punished. To take initiative to combat terrorism, India and UAE had a joint statement where both countries criticised terrorists activities that are performed in the shade of religion to justify, support and sponsor terrorism against other countries. Both nations have called for international co-operation and intelligence sharing in counter-terrorism operations. They have also recommended to jointly work for the implementation of India's proposed Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in the United Nations. This visit was considered as historic by experts. The UAE has promised to extend support to India's application for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council as the two countries called for improvements in the existing UN constitution.

In this visit, important decision was taken by UAE that is to allot land for the first-ever temple in Abu Dhabi. The Prime minister Mr. Modi gave thanks the UAE leadership for this momentous decision.

There are numerous economic implications for Modi's UAE visit. In this two-day visit, UAE also promises to bring positive economic effects for India. The Indian expatriate community is the main ethnic community in the UAE which sends millions of dollars to India yearly. Observing these facts, The PM announced in his speech that UAE plans to invest 4.5 lakh crore rupees in India, which would enhance Indian economy. According to Mr. Modi, The Gulf region is vital for India's economic, energy and security interests.

News reports signified that in the context of the India displacement in UAE, PM Modi spoke the labour issues faced by the Indians alongside improving trade and mutual relations and looking for investment. The usual Indian expatriate in the UAE is a blue-collar worker. Some 50 per cent are in untrained or semi-skilled jobs, and 30 per cent are in medium-skilled occupations.

When concluding Mr. Modi's two-days, it can be said that it is strategically-important with UAE. He held talks with the country's senior leadership and addressed the Indian displacement. Mr. Modi also gave importance in improving economy of India in his speech through the contribution of populace living in UAE.