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FDI- First Develop India

Being creative is one of the first and also the biggest prerequisite for any one on the top to remain a LEADER. For putting one's ideas and thoughts into actions, power is also very essential. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi proved to be a perfectionist with these innate skills for which he is chosen the Prime minister of this great country. His first step towards MAKE IN INDIA- FDI- First Develop India is received perfectly by all sections of the society. The very fact that he transformed the abbreviation FDI proves his direction towards, think globally and act locally. Mr. Modi, gave a perfect direction to the full form of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), this shows his constant, continuous and unending thought process in leading the country towards development.

Calling FDI, this is the step of a lion, shows how serious Mr. Modi is in his words which are sure to follow in his actions. Mr. Modi's easy governance and even more ambitious projects are to transform the country into an industrially dynamic economy with directed growth, leading to creation of multiple job opportunities. He is identifying potential investors across the globe to make the country an industrial hub. He unveiled 25 identified growth sectors at the Vigyan Bhavan.

With his initiative he gave a call to all the investors abroad about the prospects in Indian land. This also gave hope to many Indians abroad to aspire for lucrative jobs in India. The way America, Japan and China responding to Modi's initiatives will make India catch up with its fading image and legacy.

Laying out the red carpet before vast investors, The Prime Minister said, "After what we have done and what I hear from you, I don't think I need to assure you any further on "Make in India". He hoped industry across the globe will take his invite seriously. Make in India is not a slogan. It is a mission for which, new licenses are going to be issued, policies for doing business in India will be redefined and opportunities will be enhanced. This will increase the purchasing power of the people, employment of the youth, along with increased standard of living of the poor and down trodden in the country.

Mr. Modi aims to give more licenses, removing caps on foreign investments.

In his Independence Day speech, he stated, that the licenses will be issued online, round the clock, 24/7 with the validity increased to three years. Along with this Mr. Modi is ready to make the procedures simplified and business friendly. Make in India is a mission with a single minded commitment to develop India and its people.

Amidst Industrialists and top executives, Prime Minister unveils the Make in India LOGO. The mission to make India truly global will make India vibrant creating millions of jobs for the youth in the country.

Reliance Industries, Chairman, Mr. Mukesh Ambani stated that industry in India has to achieve global competitiveness along with its global terms. He felt India is blessed to have Modi as Prime Minister. He also stated that his company would be committed to the call given by Mr.Modi on Independence Day. He also called it is a historic day for Indian industry.

Kenichi Ayukawa, the managing director of Maruti Suzuki India, stated his Japanese group is very keen in investing in India. He also stated that India will become a very competitive economy in the world.

Among the other speakers, it is Wipro chairperson, Mr. Azim Premji, who stated that success lies in servicing the global market. Aditya Birla group, Kumar Mangalam Birla, stated that make in India has a very special resonance for our group. He also stated that India is already a manufacturing hub and their mission is to reach the outer space.

ICICI Banks Chanda Kochhar, stated that we need to focus on four areas, rules, regulations, infrastructure, policies and skill training.

PM, through his Make in India, is bringing together industry and government, stated the chairman of Tata group, Cyrus Mistry. He felt, we have two strategic advantages, our human capital and a market which affords scale and growth.

We are constructing dedicated freight and industrial corridors and smart cities, stated, Commerce minister, Ms.Nirmala Sitharaman. She also stated that they have identified 25 sectors in which India can be a world leader. Ms. Sitharaman stated, India will become the global destination for manufacturing.

Lockheed Martin's Phil Shaw, ITC's Y.C. Deveshwar felt, the very fact that the hall is filled with enthusiastic business men shows, there is lot of hope and faith on Modi among the vast businessmen.

Addressing the delegates, Mr. Modi also stated about good governance and effective governance. The country is ours. He wants to see Indians staying in India and shine as MNC's. The world is ready to come to India; we offer democracy, demographic dividend and demand. Mr. Modi wants to take India higher on Ease-of- Doing- Business index. He states we need to create development, growth oriented schemes and environment. His team is working effectively to achieve the said targets with positive outlook and thinking.

Mr. Modi intends to increase manufacturing, with its employment, purchasing power and social status. For this to be accomplished Modi believes Indians, he trusts Indians, for trust alone can change lot of things in this country. When he says government is for every Indian, he means it is for the poorest of the poor. The trust which is fading away, if reinstated in the youth of the country, may be the impossible becomes possible and the Indian youth gets a proper vision and direction.

Mr. Modi stresses on self- certification, it may sound a small step, but it is a biggest step trusting 125 crore Indians. The positive initiative taken by Modi will surely establish trust, faith and confidence among the Indian youth. The urgent need of the hour is to keep the mind and body of the youth occupied in the healthiest way.

Modi's efforts should be collectively supported by every Indian, institutions, all state governments, NGO's, private and public sectors. The Prime Minister is busy trying to teach fishing instead of giving fish to its countrymen, a gigantic task, indeed. Let us hope, this makes every performer perform better.

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