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We regularly add articles on this page to keep you updated with current affairs as well as with any aspect of the exam that is of importance.

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  1. India’s Engagement with ASEAN [17-November-2017]
  2. Blue Whale Suicide Game Challenge Explained [13-September-2017]
  3. India Needs Prison Reforms to Decongest its Jails [17-August-2017]
  4. How Different and Special is India’s Independence Day in 2017 [10-August-2017]
  5. Indian Cinema- An Overview [19-July-2017]
  6. India's Presidential Election 2017 [23-June-2017]
  7. Let 'Monsoon Asia' be the New Clarion Call for India [23-June-2017]
  8. India and South China Sea dispute [16-May-2017]
  9. India – Myanmar Trade Relationship – An Overview [28-March-2017]
  10. UP Election Results - Analysis [11-March-2017]
  11. Social Media as a Popular Mode of Communication [08-March-2017]
  12. India and Postmodernism [04-March-2017]
  13. Importance of Time Management in Daily Life [27-February-2017]
  14. Democracy in Siege Tamil Nadu [17-February-2017]
  15. Economic development and political change in India since Independence [17-January-2017]
  16. How Safe is Our Money in the Cashless Economy? [01-January-2017]
  17. Analyzing Success and Pitfalls of Demonetization Policy [15-December-2016]
  18. Jayalalitha's Legacy- People's Development First [09-December-2016]
  19. Demonetization of Currency - Merits and Demerits [25-November-2016]
  20. Scanning of American election 2016 [21-November-2016]
  21. Donald Trumps America [11-November-2016]
  22. How to Plug in India-China Trade Deficit [13-October-2016]
  23. Schemes and Initiatives launched by PM Modi [26-August-2016]
  24. The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016 [22-August-2016]
  25. What is GST bill and how it impacts on common man [10-August-2016]
  26. Unjust and Oppressive Laws in India needs relook [02-August-2016]
  27. What 'Brexit' Means and Implications for India [30-June-2016]
  28. Why National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) has become Controversial [14-June-2016]
  29. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana [10-May-2016]
  30. Types and prevention of cyber crime [09-May-2016]
  31. Information about Startup India campaign [22-Apl-2016]
  32. Religious Tolerance- Need of the Hour [04-Apl-2016]
  33. Privatisation and India Economy Growth [04-Apl-2016]
  34. Ways to manage professional/advanced studies while working [03-Mar-2016]
  35. Helpful Guide To Relieve Back Pain In Students Preparing For Exam [26-Feb-2016]
  36. Health issues of aspirants of competitive examination and remedies [22-Feb-2016]
  37. Chennai's Air, Water and Noise Pollution Level is Critical [01-Jan-2016]
  38. India's Stand WTO Meeting at Nairobi [28-Dec-2015]
  39. Reasons for Chennai Rains and Lessons for the City [24-Dec-2015]
  40. Paris Climate Summit COP 21 - A Review [30-Nov-2015]
  41. One Rank, One Pension (OROP) for Indian armed forces 
  42. Effect of Media bias
  43. Modi's UAE visit 
  44. President OBAMA's visit to India: Salient features 
  45. Making Smart City
  46. Ebola virus: global concern
  47. Multi Skill Programme - Skill India
  48. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana Launched
  49. FDI- First Develop India
  50. Modi and external affairs
  51. Jan dhan yojana
  52. Modi - The journey so far and the road ahead!
  53. Factors to keep in mind while studying for long hours
  54. Powers of Election Commission under Article 324
  55. Core Issues Of General Lok Sabha Election-2014
  56. Anatomy of Corruption and its Remedies
  57. Women Safety Still a Mirage in India
  58. Indian Political Trajectory for 2014 Polls
  59. Rhetorical Shift in India's Foreign Policy
  60. Policy paralysis catapults Vision for Reforms in India
  61. Pie in the Sky India's IT Industry
  62. Price hike of natural gas will hit common man hard
  63. Awareness of Right to Information?
  64. Safety and Security of Women, How?
  65. The Himalayan Fury Causes and Remedies
  66. Should Maoist be treated on par with terrorist and anti-nationals?
  67. Anatomy of Rape, Causes and Remedies
  68. From Bofors to Helicopters, Bribery in Defence Deals Stinks
  69. UPSC Civil Services Examination and Language Controversy
  70. Corruption- Role of State and Civil Society
  71. Capital Punishment Revisited
  72. Freedom of Expression and Indian Films
  73. Egypt Crisis
  74. Price hike of natural gas will hit common man hard
  75. Importance of Muslims' holy month of Ramzan
  76. Siachen Glacier Hold the position or Let it go
  77. Centre to lower age limit for CS aspirants 
  78. Ethics in Life
  79. Attitude makes all the difference in life
  80. COLONIALISM! A way forward...
  81. "Famous dams in India and abroad"
  82. Travelling improves academic knowledge
  83. Understanding the Competition in Civil Services Examination
  84. Civil services exams- better or worse?
  85. Is the CSAT going to be a Boon or Vain?
  86. Guidance for Mains
  87. Preparing for Mains
  88. Stress Management