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Travelling improves academic knowledge

Travelling is part of human life and all of us move from one place to another for some reasons. All of us travel for business, for sight-seeing and for necessity. Many people considerthat they must spend time in tourist places in summer or winter vacation. It is highly important to visit many places in India and even in the world andcome to know about different cultures. It helps people to learn new things and they get rich experience of life in different ways. Among many advantages, travelling gives the experiences and skills which will be beneficial in improving career.

People who make a trip of different places can reduce stress. Being in another environment helps them to approach life's issues differently from the way they would have behaved when at home, and with time, their skills for stress management builds up, which will absolutely be brought into life and career. When travelling to new places, people always use every minute spent there. They create a time table for places to visit, allocating minutes and hours for each, while also considering the distance between those places. This means the common techniques of time management will be employed in prioritising, goal setting and scheduling. Researchers said that travel's power can transform how students approach learning, expand their understanding of the world and increase their career possibilities.

Students who make frequent trips to different places in their academic regardless of gender, ethnicity or other demographic factors can perform better in admissions for higher studies.Survey reports indicated that travel makes learning come alive. As a result, children who took educational trips can perform better in class and are significantly more engaged in learning, both in and out of school. Travel during their school years made them more interested in what they were learning in school, making information easier to remember and making complementary reading and lectures more interesting and so interesting as to even spark independent learning.

One important career skill is to communicate effectively. This is often experienced when vacationing at different part of nation where other languages are spoken. In such an environment, youth and people of other age group can improve their communication skill.

Travelling gives people the opportunity to detach from their regular life. While travelling, people can be away from routine problems for a few weeks, it can also help them figure things out that they would not have understood. Another great advantage is the relaxation people get in travelling and this time they can grasp better new things. Travelling increases knowledge and broadens people's perspective. To view new customs, different ways of living is unbelievable for the mind. It gives us a new viewpoint about life and particularly our life, it can help us change some of bad habits or even create new ones.

New experiences increase people's resourcefulness by living situations that people would never encounter at home. When travelling with friends or family it creates memories for a lifetime. These memories will create a bond that nothing can remove no matter what happens with the friendship/relationship.

Researchers stated that Travel Improves Educational Attainment and Future Success. Theyexplored the impact of learning-focused travel on academic performance and career growth. The positive effects of youth travel extend far beyond the classroom. Educational travel correlates with two of the markers most commonly seen as indicators of success that is higher education and personal income.

Travelling improves person's knowledge gained from books. Ideas hit when people travel in different places. The mental prospect is broadened. It makes us open-minded in thought. It expands outlook of people. People stop to measure things in terms of our environment. People can take a broad view of things, independent of the place where they are. Vision of people is enlarged and they find new frontiers of knowledge. Travelling also generates curiosity and this in turn enhances their knowledge.

There are many subjects like history, Geography, Economics and Sociology that students cannot understand in classroom and their performance is dropped but when they make trip to many places then they are able to understand better than through a classroom lecture. Travelling supplements book knowledge. There are many places like Kurukshetra, Marathon, Waterloo, Plassey, Fatepur-Sikri and Delhi can increase knowledge of history.

A visit to the historical places is interesting, instructive and edifying. It increases knowledge of chapter of history. The book of geography only tells about the climate, habits, and dress of the people of a country. A visit to that country will provide us the first-hand knowledge of all these things. Many writers have written books on Travel Goldsmith's 'The Traveller, Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels', Stevenson's 'Travels with a Donkey'.

While travelling, people are in direct contact with Nature and the splendour and varied beauty of Nature that has positive impact on mind. Currently, Youth travel is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic markets of the worldwide tourism sector. The social, cultural and economic value of youth, student and educational travel is progressively more documented by employers, educational institutions, and governments worldwide. During educational period, students must be given opportunity to visit factories and other places to obtain essential and practical knowledge.

There is no alternative for travel. It is just like an open road where people move and gain knowledge and experience to make their life better.

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