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Ethics in Life

Values, Integrity and Ethics play a very vital role in a man's life. When value system comes from our upbringing, Integrity depends on the deep rooted faith in the human values. Every religion in this world justifies only the right and never wrong in any circumstance. So, no matter we belong to any region or religion, values in our life are ingrained even before we understand the meaning of the word, Values. Therefore all these attempts are only to contribute to the ethical values of a man in his life. Despite all this, we face lot of problems in our societal living. Today, majority of the problems faced by the people in the society are,

  • Atrocities on women
  • Disrespect to elders
  • Abuse of kids
  • Gender disparity
  • Status disparity

Atrocities on women are mainly due to the distorted life styles adopted, inferiority complex, low self esteem and disgusting approach towards life. When a child is brought up with guilt, insult, mockery and no confidence, he enters adulthood, without proper maturity. This will deny him in having proper respect towards elders. So this leads to humiliation and hatred towards elders in the society. A person with low self confidence always shows off his might and power on the weaker sex and the kids. It is very essential to ensure that proper value system is ingrained in a child at the right age. Discipline, moral values, respect should be taught at home from the infant stage of the child. A child who often listens to epics, moral stories will find a right solution and perfect direction in his life. He can never afford to commit any wrong in his life time. This allows a person to respect gender equality. A healthy nation can be developed with proper value systems. A man should be respected with his values and not on the basis of his financial status. Being rich is good, but for being rich, adopting wrong methods can never be appreciated at any cost.

Ethics in any field will have purpose and meaning when the value system and law of land work hand in hand. Without the proper support of law, mere ethics will not contribute in improving the situation. Punishment for the wrong in the society can never be compromised. If the guilty is not punished, it leads to number of crimes, resulting in the fear and lack of faith in the common man. If the common man looses faith on the law, it creates chaos and confusion in the society. It disturbs the very existence of the human being in this world.

Coming to ethics they are self-implied and self correcting tools in one's life. A man with financial limitations will not care for the values of the society. However, we can never generalize any situation and problem.

So ultimately, value based education, with balanced upbringing, strict law and rules, quality life standards can only assure ethics in an individual.

Societal activities can be smoothly conducted if and only ethics and values are held up in the eyes of every common man. Ethics of life go a long way in protecting the human values and humanity at large.

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