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Preparing for Mains

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Civil Service India wishes heartiest congratulations to the candidates who have qualified to write the Mains exams. And those who could not make it through the Prelims, the message is, do not get disheartened, good luck for the next attempt.

Now for those who have been successful to advance to the next level, the challenge gets tougher to crack the Mains exams. The foremost thing you must remember that the Mains exam is of 1750 marks. Your score in this exam will swing the balance decisively in your favour or against and so will be your final rank in the merit list.

How to do well in the in Mains exams, we are listing out some tips that may come handy for your preparation at this stage of exams.

  1. Read all the questions carefully- The candidate should utilize the first few minutes to read the question paper thoroughly and plan out the chronology of answering the questions.
  2. Only knowledge is not enough- The candidate should know how to present the answer in logical and coherent manner. Mere stating facts and figures may not help; you have to correlate it to the given question to make your point.
  3. Avoid being grandiloquent - The language used to answer the questions should be easy and simple to understand. Using difficult, fancy words should be avoided and your answer should be in direct speech.
  4. Paying attention to Spelling and Grammar- The answer, however good it maybe would lose its charm, if there are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  5. High scoring areas- General studies papers are high scoring areas. Here there are a lot of short answer questions and it is easier to get more marks in them. So answer them intelligently and score high marks. In comparison the optional papers have mostly long answer to write and to score high marks in them is difficult.
  6. Tackling Statistics- Statistics section is a part of the General Studies paper. It is one section where you can score full marks but you have to be cautious because this section is also very time consuming. So in order to maximize the score you should not get stuck here and manage your time to handle this area.
  7. Speed - Speed is essential for maximize the score, especially in the General Studies paper. One should practice writing fast and under time pressure while preparing for the Mains exams.
  8. Handwriting- This is something that could not be improved drastically. The solution is those who do not have good handwriting, can practice writing in bigger font and give ample space between words in order be read legibly. At the same time you have to care about the space provided in the answer sheet to write your answers.
  9. Managing Stress- Civil Services examination is one of the most stressful exams. The candidates should not feel stressed at any moment of time during its preparation and hamper their performance in the mains exams. So keep your mind stress free to remain focused, motivated and concentrated.

Well these are few tips that you must in mind as you prepare for the Mains exams. It will surely give you more confidence and help improve the overall performance in this crucial segment of the exams.

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