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Caste system in India

India is a vast, developing, and democratic country. India is developing day-by-day, and so its society too is developing but a common problem from olden age to modern era is "CASTE SYSTEM". Indian society is characterized by caste system, Urbanization, religion system, joint family system. The word caste we use every day to distinguish one person from another.

According to the evidences, the caste system was started by Aryans in later Vedic Age; very strict caste system came into existence in their time. Under this system, the society was divided into 4 Varna’s or castes which are as follows:

  1. BRAHMINS: under this system were Priest and teachers.
  2. KSHATRIYAS: under this system were warriors, rulers, administrators.
  3. VSHAYIAS: under this system were farmers, traders.
  4. SHUDRAS: under this system were artisans and laborers.

All the people were forced to follow this caste system and one not following it or disobeying it was punished. The rules under this caste system was as follows-

  1. A person had to follow the same occupation as his father or grandfather. He was not allowed to do any other job that he liked.
  2. There was no equality among people. People belonging to high caste got all benefits while others were hardly given any benefits and they were punished and beaten too.
  3. The shudras had to undergo many difficulties; they were not allowed to interact with peoples of other caste. Even they were not allowed to take education or participate in any public functions.

The caste system has brought untouchability with it. The people belonging to high caste treated lower caste people very bruetly.The inter-caste marriages were not allowed i.e. a higher caste person can’t marry a lower caste person or vice-versa.

Since the birth only, the child was taught everything according to the caste system. From the time of birth only a child was determine to its caste and everything was done according to it.

According to the caste system nobody was allowed to opt for the occupation which they liked, they were allowed to follow their father’s occupation whether they liked it or not. There was rules and regulation on food also the higher caste people ate luxurious food which either the lower caste were not able to afford it or were not allowed to eat it, whatever the lower caste people use to cultivate they were supposed to give it to the higher caste people and in return whatever they(higher caste people) used to give they(lower caste people) were supposed to keep it without any question.

India is secular, democratic and socialist country. Now in modern era everything has changed but also everything has not changed, we can say this for caste system because today also we can see caste system with some changes in our county like Hindu, Muslim, Christians, or general, ST/SC, OBC. Now a person can opt any occupation which he likes. Now everybody can interacts with every other person .Inter-caste marriages are allowed. All people are equal before Law, women status is improving but then also we can see caste sytem.We can take a example, if a child is born in a Hindu family then from the starting only he is told about his caste and religion and everything is taught to him according to it only, and the same is true for the other religions too. Everywhere (cities, villages) we can we this, it is the main thing which distinguishes one person from another. In modern India, the term caste is used for Jat and for Varna. The caste system was there even at the World War-I, at the time of war for Independence and even today in a modified form.

Of this caste and religion only, we hear the news of riots at different places. Today also because of caste and religion many innocent people are killed. Even politician today raise the issue of caste system among the audience and take advantage of it. During the election they raise the issue for votes everybody takes the advantage from this issue but nobody tries to end it. Caste system is the only reason why India being a country where everyone is equal, but then also everyone is not equal and not only India it's for other countries also. Caste system is the reason why India is still a developing and nobody knows till when it will be counted in the list of developing countries only.

God has made man without any caste or religion it is we who divide it into different caste and religions. At the end I would like to define Caste system as "Caste system is a system that divides or distinguishes God's beautiful creation i.e. WE."

-Vaishnavi Arora

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