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UPSC Age Limit

The age limit for UPSC applies equally to all the services and both males and females, but it does differ based on communities and certain classifications. The number of attempts and age limits vary as per these. The upsc age limit for obc creamy layer is the same as the general category. The diagram below shows clearly the UPSC exam age limit for different communities based on age limit and the number of attempts within that age limit.

UPSC age limit & Attempts

Category Maximum Age No. of Attempts
General 32 6
OBC 32+3=35 9
SC/ST 32+5=37 As many as upto age limt
EWS 32 9
Physically disabled
(Blind, Deaf-mute, Orthopedic)
32+10=42 09 for GL/EWS/OBC Unlimited for SC/ST
J&K domicile if general then 32+5=37
OBC then 32+5+3=40
SC/ST then 32+5+5=42
PH then 32+5+10=50
depending on above categories viz.Gen, OBC, SC/ST, Disabled
Disabled serviceman discharged from duty if general then 32+3=35
OBC then 32+3+3=38
SC/ST then 32+3+5=40
Ex-serviceman with five years duty* specific condition on page2 of notification if general then 32+5=37
OBC then 32+5+3=40
SC/ST then 32+5+5=42

Right Age for qualifying in UPSC

    Some of the advantages of cracking the UPSC exams at an early age are:
  • You get more time to reach top postings as your contenders retire before you.
  • For posting to the Secretary level in the Indian Government, its very useful.
  • Also you settle down earlier in life cutting down struggles.
    Is it too late to qualify at the age of 31 and above?
  • If you are still considering then it’s surely worth it. Also by now you have probably not found satisfaction in your current occupation.
  • You may not reach the top of the department but you will surely enjoy the best part of your tenure in the districts and places of importance and public interaction, Which are rarer as you go up the ladder.

Average Age of successful Candidates in the UPSC

Most of the candidates who clear the UPSC civil services fall in the age bracket of 26 to 28 years. Even the NITI Aayog is recommending the age limit for general category aspirants be brought down to 27 from the current 32.

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