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Civil Service India portal is a comprehensive website for the preparation of the Civil Services examination conducted by the UPSC [Union Public Service Commission].

This website is dedicated to the Civil Services Exam more popularly known as the IAS exam. The aim of the website is to help IAS/IPS aspirants to know the requirements of the preparation for this prestigious examination. It guides the aspirants through the entire intricacy of this exam and also helps to equip them with the best tools to prepare for the IAS exam which also includes other civil services like the IPS and IFS.

Civil Service examination is a journey in three steps. The first step being the Prelims, second the Mains and the third the Interview. A team of dedicated professionals at the Civil Service India is engaged in providing a mine of the information and study material for all the three stages of this exam.

Since Civil Service India cares for your success, all the information provided in this portal is free of cost. The highly qualified staff painstakingly works hard to collect the information and resources needed to qualify the IAS/IPS exam and put them at the single place www.civilserviceindia.com.

As such all Civil Service aspirants are requested to go through each of the pages of Civil Service India portal to get a hangover to take up this prestigious exam. The aspirants are also advised to keep a watch on the dynamic features of this website that are being updated on a daily basis and also new resources are continuously being updated. Some of them are daily quiz, news updates and current affairs.

Your feedback is important to us, so please do not hesitate in sending them to us regular basis at (concerninfo2012@gmail.com). This will help is to provide you the information and resources that you need for the preparation of the IAS exam.

Civil Service India will be happy to receive from its reader’s contribution towards the building of its resource base in terms of notes of the study material as well as more informative videos. This will be a great help to the generation of Civil Service aspirants preparing for the IAS/IPS exam after you.

Let us work together to build CivilServiceIndia.com as the one and only comprehensive portal for all those preparing for the Civil Service exam and especially those who wish to prepare from home.

Listed below are links to some of the important informations about the civil sevice examination on our portal. IF you cannot find something please search here. We are your partners and online guide to the IAS exam conducted by UPSC.