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Pricing Policy

Civil Service India reserves the right on the payment to avail its various value added services. Once a payment is made, it will not refund the amount at any cost. Even non-usage of any particular service, does not entitle for a refund. Civil Service India will not refund any amount partial or full for which it has received the payment from its users.

Refund in exceptional cases

The management reserves the right to decide 'exceptional circumstances' under which it can 'refund' the payment made. In such extreme cases, the amount will be transferred online into the bank account. This may take minimum 2-3 working days and maximum two weeks.

Cancellation of services

The management reserves the right to cancel its online service with or without any reason for doing so. In such cases, users will be informed about the cancellation of the services and the subscription amount will be refunded to them through online transfer into their account.

Shipping charges

The shipping charges for any consignment like study material or exam manual that is to be sent to the users will be included in the total cost of the bill and has to be paid in advance. It is only after the receipt of the full amount that steps will be taken to ship the package.