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UPSC Interview Questions

UPSC Interview questions for the civil service exams ranges from your choice of subject to why you want to join the civil services. It is good to answer honestly but at the same time avoid cliches like wanting to do service to the nation etc.

Questions on your hobbies are imperative so prepare well as they expect some in-depth knowledge on that.

Questions relating to your name, your college or school name are also a big possibility. If someone well-known personality shares one of these names prepare on that aspect. Also learn up about important events on the year or date of your birth.

As you may see, Civil Services Interview questions are mainly from what you have filled in your form including your subject but then the test is more of logic and presentation and awareness rather than pure subject knowledge.

In the interview many situational questions can be asked like what will you do if a earthquake or cyclone strikes your district and you are the DM/Collector/SP.

Questions related to your choice of service preference are expected and you must be prepared on that aspect. Current affairs analysis is important area of preparation.

Expected topics for interview at UPSC in 2018:

The assembly elections in Up and gujarat were held recently. questions on the fallout and impact on the central government, its effect on the upcoming Parliament elections can be asked. If you belong to any of these states you are more likely to be asked related questions.

There can be questions on political leaders like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejrewal etc. Prospects of regional parties and national parities, pros and cons of coalition politics can be some topics related to the elections. Caste and religion based politics. So spending time in reading about elections news and other issues related with elections is important.

The Triple Talaq is a hot topic

The Indian Economy and all aspects of taxation, Inflation are other topics of preparation. We have had a series of events like demonitisation, GST and Bank Bankruptcy.

Law & order problems - Increasing episodes of tiffs at the border, Dokhlam & China, internal security, Naxalism, terrorism, Illegal mining coal mafia, all fall under this category.

Sports and India's performance can be asked. Your opinion on the selection criteria for the Arjuna awards and other sporting awards can be sought.

All issues related to current affairs must be covered thoroughly as it is bound to make way in some form or the other in the interview. Also do not forget to concentrate on your optional subjects, your work profile hobbies and other such details.

It is a good idea to subscribe to our e magazine so that you may go through important stuff that has been happening and analyse all topics from your point of view.

The Personality test will be scored on the basis of the following factors:

  • Mental alertness
  • Critical powers of assimilation
  • Clear and logical exposition
  • Social traits
  • Interest and knowledge of current affairs
  • Balance of judgment
  • Variety and depth of interest
  • Ability for social cohesion
  • Leadership skills
  • Intellectual and moral integrity

Most importantly the Personality test will assess your suitability for a career in the Public Services. Remember there are people who have come to the interview for all four attempts and still not made it as they have only scored the minimum marks. They were rejected intentionally.

Answers to questions you must prepare - List of probable interview questions.

When you are preparing for the civil services interview it is a good idea to form groups and give mock interviews among yourselves. Mock interview for IAS are held by many institutes as well. It's a good idea to appear for some of those mock interviews. Preparing for the questions asked in advance may give you a definite edge.

List of probable questions

Why do you want to join civil services?

Why to join civil services if you can do well by doing social work.

Why you want to join civil services and not Politics?

Why do you want to join civil service even though the salary is limited and will be less than what you can make from your present or future job?

Explain why you chose IAS as your first preference?

You have opted for arts subjects when you are an engineer. Why did you choose that subject?

Questions on your subject.

I would like to know your opinion on the role of media in elections. Also explain trial by media, should it be allowed?

What is the role of social media in influencing the people? Can you tell us about the pros and cons of Social Media?

What is the difference between terrorism, militancy, fundamentalism, and insurgency? Is India soft on terrorism? What are the effective laws in tackling all these?

Compare the growth of India vis-a-vis China? Are the government efforts made for the growth of the country is enough?

India and its neighbours, are they in best of terms for continued growth? What is the prospect of SAARC?

What is special of your date of birth? Any important event took place that year?

What does your name mean? Any famous personality or god that is associated with that name? Would you like to change your name?

What are your hobbies? Why this one in particular? Some related questions on your hobby.

Which place you were you born? Why is the city special? About your state, its politics and economy and culture and other related issues.

If from Rajasthan or if you are civil engineering background question on water management can be asked.

Views on marriage, caste, divorce, dowry, rape, laws relating to them can figure in the interview.

Any scholarships, awards you have won - about your studies, your life as student and sports you participated.

Questions on agriculture and monsoon, crops, seeds and farmers and also on farmer loans can be asked.

All current affairs questions must be thoroughly brushed. Anything and everything in the past 5 years may be asked, but focus will be given on the current year.