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The value of Current Affairs in Civil Service Examinations is enormous. This is the most critical part of both Prelims and Mains Exam. Aspirants should study in depth to understand the significance of current affairs for the Union Public Service Commission. In fact, all the questions in Civil Service Exams are framed around current affairs. Questions are not asked directly for current news and information in the exam. Questions are framed by combining current affairs with practical knowledge. The primary motive behind this type of strategy is to check the ability of correlation a candidate can make to the fact.

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Why current affairs is more important in Civil Service Exam?

Success in Prelims and Mains Exam is directly related to an aspirant’s awareness in current affairs. Preparation of current affairs for UPSC is the key to unlock the exam. It requires practice and revision in a well-connected manner...

In such a scenario the preparation of current affairs topics related to India and the world is an important part of your preparations. The students have to be aware of the happening in India and around the world as this portion is an integral part of the general studies paper.

In order to make you ready for the challenges of the Current Affairs preparation, we are covering the current affairs topics on a regular basis.

Our current topics are categorised in such a way that it includes; political affairs, current news, science news, general knowledge, government's scheme and policies and international affairs.

We provide you comprehensive topics of preparation that covers not only India's current scenario but also international events. We also cover Indian news headlines and other important international events under the current affairs segment.

For the very purpose of getting you ready for the challenge that is current news and views in India, we are covering the current affairs 2019 on a regular basis. Our hot topics are categorised such that they include political affairs, current news, science news, general knowledge, current government affairs and international affairs. Only studying India's current scenario or political affairs is not sufficient as you have to cover international events and affairs along with the Indian news space, as well as important and current events in the field of science and sports.

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Current Affairs April 28 to May 04

International Current News

  • Srilanka: It is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast of the Arabian Sea. Srilanka bans burqa. The country has been on high alert after the terror blasts that ripped across three cities on the 21st of April in several churches and hotels which took atleast 253 lives and many injured. Over 10,000 military soldiers have been deployed throughout the country. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombings that were executed by suicide bombers; and the National Thowheed Jamath as well as Jammiyathul Maillathu Ibrahim are suspected to have links the blasts.

National Current News

  • Cyclone Fani: It is a powerful tropical cyclone which has made landfall in Odisha and threatening Bangladesh. The storm is India's strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in 20 years. About 1.2 million people are evacuated from low-lying areas of 15 districts in the eastern state of Odisha to cyclone shelters, schools and other buildings. More than 800,000 have left so far.

Science and Technology Current News

  • Chandrayaan 2: It is India's second lunar exploration mission after Chandrayaan-1. Developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation, the mission is planned to be launched to the Moon by a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced the launching of Chandrayaan-2,’ India’s second lunar mission’ which is scheduled to be launched between July 9th and 16th 2019. Chandrayaan-2 is India’s second lunar mission. It will be launched using India’s most powerful rocket GSLVMK-III RIN Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. It’s objective is to collect scientific information on lunar (moon) topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, lunar exosphere and and signatures of hydroxyl and water-ice. It has three modules (a detachable self-contained unit of a spacecraft) namely Orbiter, Lander named Vikram and Rover named Pragyan.All these three modules have been made in India. The Chandrayaan-2’s lander will touch down near Moon’s south pole on 6th September 2019. Chandrayan-2 mission would make a soft landing on southern pole of the moon, which is still unexplored by any of the countries. This will not only be important but also historically significant as it would give ISRO the opportunity to name the site on the moon.
  • Yeti: It is a folkloric ape-like creature taller than an average human, that is said to inhabit the Himalayan mountains. Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition to Mt Makalu claims to have discovered the footprints of snowman ‘Yeti’ the abominable snowman as it is known in legends, near the Makalu Base Camp by posting photographs of ‘ mysterious footprints’ that measure about 32×15 inches, on Twitter. But several scientists that are based at Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII), who have worked in Nepal , also said the footprints could be those of a bear. Besides the Joint secretary of Nepal’s forest department Maheshwar Dakal said the Makalu-Barun National Park has a healthy population of the brown bear but they have no evidence that the Yeti exists in the area. ‘We cannot ascertain the presence of the Yeti unless we have the picture of yeti as a proof. The footprint does not explain all and could be of bear or snow leopard,’ Dakal said.
  • IIT Madras: It is a public engineering institute that was set up in the year 1959 in Madras through an Act of Parliament. In a significant development, a research team from IIT Madras has developed a common unified script for nine Indian Languages. According to different sources, the script was developed taking cue from European languages, were several of them had the same (Roman letter–based) script. The team led by Srinivasa Chakravathy’s team at IIT Madras developed developed a unified script for nine Indian languages, named the Bharati script. The team has now gone a step further since developing the script: it has developed a method for reading documents in Bharati script using a multi-lingual optical character recognition (OCR) scheme. The team has also created a finger-spelling method that can be used to generate a sign language for hearing-impaired persons. In collaboration with TCS Mumbai, the researchers have found a way for persons with hearing disability to generate signatures using this finger-spelling technique.

Sports Current News

  • Arjuna Award: These are awards given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India to recognize outstanding achievement in sports. Two Indian footballer stars of National football team have been recommended for the prestigious Arjuna Award by the All India Football Federation. Decision to recommend Sandhu and Lalpekhlua was about their recent performances. While Sandhu is the goalkeeper and Lalpekhlua, has been good in his attacking and assist skills in the game. It should be noted that in 2017, national governing body had already recommended these players along with former women's team captain Bembem Devi. Sadly, the award to given to the Bembem Devi for her superb performance. It must be noted that Sandhu and Jeje are top performers in the India team. Sandhu is the only second footballer after Sunil Chhettri to play the Asian Cup final rounds twice (2011, 2019).
  • Asian Wrestling Championship 2019: It is an annual sports event held for Wrestling Championship. India has claimed the 8th spot in the recently held Asian Wrestling Championship 2019 in Xian, China from April 23 to April 28. While Bajrang Punia won the Gold Medal in 65 kg category beating Sayatbek Okassov, India's Greco Roman Wrestlers Sunil Kumar(87kg) and Gurpreet Singh (77kg) bagged the silver medal. According to sources, Sunil Kumar lost to Iran's wrestler Hossein Ahmad Nouri, Gurpreet Singh lost to Korea's Hyeanwoo Kim despite having a good win before Bakhit Sharif (Qatar). Harpreet Singh(82kg) also bagged silver medal in men's Greeco Roman style of wrestling. Amit Kumar Dhankar and Parveen Rana and Vicky Chahar bagged the silver medal in free style. A total number of 10 countries participated in this event. The action took place at Xidian University Gymnasium. The event became glorious for India as they finished at the 8th spot with 16 medals.


  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI): It is India's central banking institution, which controls the issuance and supply of the Indian rupee. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced the launch of Rs 20 denomination bank notes. According to an official statement, the new bank notes will be in the in greenish-yellow in colour. It will be in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, bearing the signature of the bank's governor Shaktikant Das. It will be having the motif of Ellora Caves on the back side'. Some of the new things about the new 20 rupee notes are the new Rs. 20 note has designs, geometric patterns aligning with the overall colour scheme, both at the obverse (front) and reverse (back). It will be in 63 mm x 129 mm. While the obverse side of note contains a see-through register with denomination numeral 100, the observe side of new Rs. 20 note also contains a latent image with the numeral and also a Devanagari version of the same. Besides, containing the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre, with micro letters 'RBI', 'Bharat', 'India' and '20', along with a guarantee clause, Governor''s signature with Promise Clause and RBI emblem towards the right of Gandhi''s portrait. The note bearing water marks of Ashoka emblem'.

Arts and Culture

  • Stucco: It is a material made of aggregates, a binder, and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings, and as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture. Rare life size stucco was unearthed in Telangana. According to sources, the life size stucco Bodhisattva was created by craftsmen at Phanigiri. The artifact is said to have developed at the peak of Ikshavaku dynasty rule. The 1.74-metre statue was put on display at the state museum at Gunfoundry. The official from archaelogy and Museums said, 'The stucco was unearthed this statue on April 26, and in three days, we shifted it here for safe keeping. This is a stucco statue and lot of soil and earth has accreted to the figure. We were worried it would get damaged due to rain and hence, shifted it quickly'.

Current Affairs May 05 to May 11

International Current News

  • Doha, Qatar: The place which hosted the 16th Ministerial Meeting of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD). Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani headed the 2019 dialogue. The Indian delegation was led by Gen. (Dr) V.K. Singh (Retd), Minister of State for External Affairs. The ACD is an inter-governmental organization founded on 18th June, 2002. It has 34 member countries. Its Secretary General is Bundit Limschoon. The ACD’s 1st meeting was held in Thailand in 2002 in which 18 Asian founding countries participated.The major agendas of the ACD 2030’s vision are: promoting ACDs core principles and values and the spirit of Pan-Asian partnership.

Sports Current News

  • Jaipur: The city which will hold the 8th edition of Asian Youth Women Handball Championship 2019 from August 21 to 30. This is the first time Jaipur will host this prestigious tournament. Earlier in 2015, Delhi hosted the event and finished at seventh place. This event will be organised by Asian Handball Federation (AHF).In this event, total 10 teams will participate including defending champion South Korea..
  • Apurvi Chandela: She became the world number one in women’s 10m Air Rifle category with 1,926 rating points according to the latest rankings released by International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). The 26-year old Apurvi Chandela is among the five Indian shooters who have earned the Olympic quota for the Tokyo 2020. In early this year, Chandela had broken the world record after winning India’s first gold medal at the ISSF World Cup 2019 held in New Delhi. She had shot 252.9 in 10m women Air Rifle final to bag gold medal at Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi. After Chandela, Anjum Moudgil is World No. 2 on ISSF rankings with 1695 rating points in the 10m Air Rifle category after she won mixed gold at the ISSF World Cup in Beijing.

People in the News Current News

  • M Jayshree Vyas: She has been appointed as the first Independent Woman Director to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) board. Earlier, M Jayshree Vyas worked as the managing director of Shree Mahila Sewa Sahakari Bank, Ahmedabad since 1986. She had also helped in launching the first financial literacy program in Sewa bank in 2001.

Places in news Current News

  • IIT Delhi: It recently inked Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) for setting up a Centre of Excellence for Waste to Wealth Technologies in India as a commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2 October 2019. The Centre will work towards the implementation of sustainable, scientific and technological solutions for waste management by deploying available technologies for transformation of waste to wealth. The project has been approved under the recently constituted Prime Minister’s Science Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC).

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