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About Civil Services

Civil Service is the most coated job in India. Selection for the jobs under Civil Services is done through the three pronged exam pattern Prelims - Mains - Interview that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). There are many questions related to these exams. We are listing here the answers to some of the popular questions that are often asked;

Importance of Civil Services Exams

  1. Job Prospects and Remuneration
  2. Application Procedure
  3. UPSC Exams Centers
  4. Procedure of the Civil Services Examination
  5. Eligibility - Academic, Age limit and Nationality
  6. Number of Attempts
  7. Preliminary Examination
  8. Mains Examination Syllabus
  9. Interview
  10. Cut-Off Marks
  11. How To Prepare For Prelims
  12. Strategy for General Studies Preliminary Examination 2016
  13. How to choose a Subject
  14. List of Services
  15. Civil Services Vacancies(New)
  16. How to choose a Civil Service (New)
  17. Selection of Persons with Disabilities(New)
  18. Candidates Appeared and Recommended
  19. UPSC contact Nos

How to choose a Civil Service

The Order of preference of services for Civil Service is asked when you have qualified for the Prelims and you are filling up the form to write the Mains exam. This list of services includes the All India Services, Group 'A' and Group 'B' services, you may choose the order of preference of services as per your choice.

However, before you do that get to know about the responsibilities and posting of all the services and their standing in society vis-a-vis other jobs you may take up. You may look down upon some services to begin with but they may still be better options than to take up private jobs.

Make sure you do your research and not regret later. You can seek some basic information from this website and also take advice from experts of the Civil Services exam. After that make up your mind about the best of the services which you can happily pursue and then make your choices while applying for the mains exam.

Remember you may like to join a particular service which you may consider your dream job but your rank in merit list may not help you to fulfill your wish. In such case do not get obsessed with only one service and you must choose other options as well. Your options must be based in order of popularity of the service.

One thing you must remember, later on you will not get an opportunity to change your choice to a more popular service, and even you get the required ranking. So it's better to choose the preference according to the list of services "in Demand".

Some people underestimate themselves and list their preference first for lower service or less desirable services, so that they may get it for sure. But it's a wrong thinking, why you may under estimate yourself when you have qualified for the mains exam?

Start with the very first service that is All India Service IAS/IPS/IPS and the Group A service. After that you may choose the Group B Service. Do not leave any option, even though you may not like it on its face value.

The civil services results can be very unpredictable and even if you are a topper in your school and college, you may not get the best services on the list. Make sure you do not leave out any service due to over confidence.

List all of them in descending order so that in case you do not get the service you think you will surely get, you still have some options left.