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Study Material for History of India

The following notes on the History of India were written for the Prelims exam for the IAS. Since there are no longer any subjects other than General knowledge in the prelims exam, we expect our students to read up these notes for the GS paper itself as the History of India is a major part of the GS paper.

Geographical Knowledge Of The Vedic Period
Indus And Vedic Civilisation
Asoka Foreign Relations
Decline Of The Mauryas
Asoka's Dhamma
The splendour of the 'Dark Centuries
Post-mauryan Period (20BC - 300AD)
History And Impact Of Indo-greeks
Answering A Question
Andhra Satavahanas
Satavahana Achievements
Satavahana Administration
Significance Of The Satavahanas
Saka Satavahana Conflict
Mahayana Buddhism
Theistic Cults
Bhagvatism Facts
Saivism Pasupata Sect
More about Saivism
Virasaiva or Lingayat Saivism
Kashmir Saivism
Kapala Kalamukha Sects
Mauryan Art
Gandhara-Mathura Schools
Other School of Mauryan Period
Gupta Age

Chandragupta I & Samudragupta
War With Sakas
Eastern Bengal And Balkh
Decline of the Gupta Empire
The Vakatakas
Gupta Administration
Gupta Society
Gupta Economy
Gupta Literature
Gupta Art
Gupta Religion
Gupta Efflorescence
Sanskrit Literature
Post Gupta Period
The House Of Pushyabhuti
History Of Harsha
Administration of Harsha
Exaggerations of Bana And Hueun-Tsang
Harshavardhana And His Times
The Later Guptas
Political History Of Pallavas
Pallava Society
Pallava Administration
Pallava Art
Chalukyas of Badami or Early/Western,Chalukyas,Badami
The Arab Conquest
India's Impact on Southeast Asia: Causes and Consequences
India's Impact on Southeast Asia: The Dynamics of Cultural Borrowings
The Contribution Of The Buddhist Monks
The Link Between Southeast Asia And South India
Indian Impact On Ancient South-east Asia
General Preview Of Science & Technology And Learning & Education
Learning And Education
Note On Places And Areas In Ancient India
Note On Places And Areas In Ancient India
Note On Places And Areas In Ancient India
Note On Places And Areas In Ancient India
Making Use Of The Maps And The Accompanying Notes
Index of Ancient Place Names And Historic Sites
Contacts With South-east Asia : Additional Notes
History Of Funan And Cambodia
Reasons For Collapse&Contacts With Central Asia
Additional Notes
Ancient India
History of India