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Strategy for IAS Mains Exam

Well formulated strategy along with optimum time management is the only way to prepare for the Mains exam. So it's very important to formulate your own strategy as it pays to be yourself. However, for the general guidance to tackle this examination, we are giving some tips which may be help to the aspirant to achieve success.

Tips for Civil Service Exam

  1. UPSC Preparation Strategy

    Go through the syllabus and the previous question papers: It is the most important part of your strategy to invest your time to go through the Mains syllabus thoroughly and also the previous years question papers. A thorough insight of the past question papers will solve two purposes. One it will appraise you about the portions of the syllabus from where the questions are regularly being asked and second you may also understand the nature of the question being asked. This two factors will constantly guide you throughout your preparation of the Mains exam. So go through the question papers and identify the pattern and select the topics which are asked very frequently. Identify those topics which are particularly being asked for conventional essay type questions that require analatical abitlites and those questions which requires facts and figures. Once you have clearly demarcated the topics, the rest of the preparation will be an easy task.

  2. IAS Guidelines

    Resourcing Reading Material: It is advised not to go through a lot of books, instead rely on one standard book on each topic which deals with the basic concepts. Standard books not only save your time but also enrich you with right knowledge. So always rely on one quality book and not on many books. Also it is advisable to collect various books on different topics in advance to save time and the last minute blues.

  3. IAS Exam Strategy

    Make your own notes: It is always advisable to make notes of the related topics as you go through the books and other study material. A well drafted note solves two purposes. One it takes you through the entire syllabus and second your own notes will be of immense help for the revision of the syllabus. Prepare short notes of important topics with relevant points and always rely on your self-prepared notes. Go through your short notes rigorously.Rely on your prior preparation that alone will help you.

  4. Guide for UPSC Preparation

    Mind your Handwriting: Since Mains examination is all abbout handwriting, so try to practice writing as much as you can. you must practice how to write answers in the limited space given in the answer sheet, which will be provided to you during the Mains exams. This is something you must develop as a habit from now onwards and always stick to the word count that would be given to you to write answers. You must see to it that your answer should not exceed the word count or spill over the box given as you may be penalized for any such lapses. While practicing this activity, you must be careful about other facets of handwriting as well. You try to develop writing legibly that can be read by the examiner without any difficulty. In the same vein, you must pay attention to the spelling and grammar too. You see to it that your answers are free from such mistakes and your handwriting appeals to the examiner.

IAS Preparation Strategy Tips

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