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General Information about Civil Service Examination

The Indian Civil Service is said to be the backbone of Indian governance. The Civil Servants attract great respect from the masses as they carry huge responsibilities to run the country. So no wonder, a majority of youngsters and their parents crave to enter into these prestigious services.

The very fact that a big share of every year's top posts in the Civil Services Exam are bagged by professionals from various streams, shows that India's best brains vie for entry into the dream jobs like IAS/IFS /IPS etc.

The IAS exam or the Civil service exams are one of the toughest exams conducted by the UPSC in the country. It needs utmost dedication, clarity and commitment towards this prestigious exam.

Importance of Civil Services Exams

Tips for Civil Service Exam, UPSC Examination Guidance

Here are some tips for you to follow;
First, you must become familiar with the UPSC pattern and the syllabus of the IAS exam and accordingly schedule your own preparation. This you have to do much before the filling up the form to write the exam. You can commit to take the exam only after you have acquired certain grip over the syllabus and the pattern of the exam.

Preparing the syllabus threadbare and solving old question papers is a must, but not an end in itself to clear the IAS exam. Hard work is essential for preparation but should be in the right direction and aimed at mastering the UPSC exam syllabus. You must gear your preparation and implement your study schedule after giving considerable thought to the pattern of the UPSC exam.

Civil Services exam is not a short term process, in fact it is a yearlong cycle that completes the three tired exam. Most of the times just one attempt is not enough, so you must be prepared to take a call on the number of attempts you may like to dedicate to this exam.

In such case, it is essential for you to set your target time frame of getting through the IAS exam and accordingly follow your preparation regime with outmost dedication.

The UPSC exam schedule is stretched for a long period stress is something that is bound to grip you during preparation for the exam. To overcome it you must indulge in fun activities with friends and family and also by following some active sport. This will keep you rooted through the tough times preparing for the IAS exam.

Civil Services exam preparation is a continuous process and it is important to stay motivated all through the exam process. No one can stop you from achieving the goal of becoming an IAS officer, if you have the zest and the zeal do so, and you honestly prepare to for this coveted UPSC exam.

Scheme of the Examination

The successive stages of examination are:

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