Mains Answer Writing Course

  • Sessions – 15
  • Total – 20 Hours
  • Eligibility - Those who have cleared Prelims Exam

Take aways:

  1. How to write a good answer?
  2. How to Maintain the word limit
  3. How to manage the time and try to attend all the questions
  4. Improvisation of your answer writing skills
  5. How to score more marks?
  6. How to prioritize the relevant and important points
  7. Prediction of important questions for 2023 mains
  8. Mock tests and evaluation

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Course Fee - ₹ 14,000

Faculty Details

  • S. Arulmathi ICAFS
  • Joint CCA, Dept of Telecommunication, Ministry of ICT, Govt of India
  • Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service, 2009 Batch
  • Cleared Prelims 4 times & Mains 3 times
  • She got 638th rank

GS1 Indian Heritage and Culture history geography of the world and Society

Day 1 : Introduction and Spot answer writing for previous year questions syllabus wise. Submission for future comparison . Analysis of your existing skills. Identifying your strength and focus on weaknesses and strategies or ideas to overcome it.

Day 2 : writing tips, Handwriting ( diligent and readable), use of grammar. Error free writing. One to one feedback by the evaluator.

Day 3 : what ‘not to do' tips

No jargons, no articulations, controversial contents to be avoided. Irrelevant topics to be avoided. Omissions and commissions. Tips on precise writing.

Day 4 : good answers using facts, claims and references , to the point answer writing. logical thinking( intensive and extensive) catchy ideas and way forward leads i.e. out of the box thinking.

Day 5 : answer formats( framing the outline ) and improvisation of answers using graphs, tables, flow charts comparison etc

Day 6 : maintaining word limit and giving wholesome answer to cover all the words or parts in the given question. Understanding the meaning of different phrases of questions like analyze, evaluate, do you agree, substantiate, list out, explain , compare etc and re formatting your answers accordingly.

Day 7 : collection of facts and presentation skills( Arranging in the order of importance and priority) with current and relevant facts and issues.

Day 8,9,10 : practice of previous year questions syllabus wise atleast last 4 years. Clearing doubts

Day 11,12,13,14 : trend analysis and future prediction of important questions and writing model answers

( Will try to solve at least 5 sets i.e 100 questions in GS1)

Day 15 : Evaluate yourself with day1 to day15 and feedback for further scope and improvement