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UPSC Civil Services Main Result 2016 declared

UPSC has declared, Main Result 2016. UPSC had conducted Civil Services Main Examination 2016. The week-long Mains examination was conducted from 3 to 9 December 2016. This exam written by the candidates who were shortlisted for the same based on the merit list of the prelims result. Candidates can check their result at the official portal of UPSC (upsc.gov.in) or Click here to view the Result

  Written Result: Civil Services (Main) Exam- 2016  (PDF)

The UPSC conducts the Civil Service exams in three stages. The first stage is the Prelims exams. It’s only after qualifying the Prelims exam one can write the Mains exam which is the second stage. Those who qualify the Mains exam are eligible to appear for the personality test which is the third stage of the Civil Services exam.

There is an exam conducted for each stage and the results are declared after each exam. One can proceed to the second stage only clearing the first exam and can reach the third stage only after clearing the second exam.

The final result is a combination of the written as well as the personality test. A merit list is prepared combining the result of the Mains exams and the Personality test, soon after the completion of the third stage of the exam. Those who could find a place in the merit list become eligible to be inducted into the Civil Services and will be allocated a service according to the rank in the merit list. Those who do not figure in the merit list have to go through the process all over again.

  Civil Services IAS Results 2016 - 2017  (PDF)

Total no. of IAS applicants 11.37 Lakhs
Who wrote prelims 5 Lakhs
Qualified for Written Test Nearly 15,445 qualified
Shortlisted for personality test 2,955

  Written Result - IFoS (Main) Exam. 2016  (PDF)

  Civil Services Exam (Prelims 2016) - Results  (PDF)

  Civil Services Exam - IFoS (Prelims 2016) - Results  (PDF)

  Final Result - Civil Services Exam, 2015   (PDF)

Total no. of IAS applicants 9.4 Lakhs
Who wrote prelims 4.6 Lakhs
Qualified for written test Nearly 15008 qualified
Shortlisted for personality test 2,797
Recommended for appointment 1,078

  Written Result - Civil Services (Main) Exam. 2015 

UPSC IAS Prelims Results 2015 

Final Result of Indian Forest Service Examination, 2015 

UPSC IAS Final Results 2014  
Total no. of IAS applicants 9.4 Lakh
Who wrote prelims 4.5 Lakh
Qualified for written test Nearly 17,000
Shortlisted for personality test 3,308
Recommended for appointment 1,236

UPSC IAS Final Results 2013

Male- 861  Female- 261
Total no. of IAS applicants 7.7 Lakh
Who wrote prelims 3.2 Lakh
Qualified for written test 14,959
Shortlisted for personality test 3,003
Recommended for appointment 1,222