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Lokpal Bill fiasco

Lokpal is an independent ombudsman body (Legal Representative) in India which will deal with the corruption. It was first introduced in 1968 in the Loksabha(Lower house) by Shanti Bushan.But it failed to pass in the Rajyasabha(Upper house).Eight futile attempts were made to pass the bill since the introduction. Another attempt was made by UPA II on 27th December 2011, which was passed in Loksabha but it is pending with Rajyasabha. Congress passed the bill in the Loksabha with the help of SP and BSP walking out, showing their opposition with the intention to help the government to pass the bill by reducing the required vote. Many amendments were raised by main opposition party BJP and the left but none of them succeeded in getting them passed because Congress was adamant in accepting the opposition's demands.

As the bill passed in the Loksabha it was placed before the Rajyasabha where the Congress is minority which was forced to accept the amendments. Here the largest ally TMC opposed the bill and introduced the amendments. Two amendments were taken in hand by most of the opposition parties. One for autonomy of the CBI and the other for the creation of Lokayukta in states should be left with the state governments. If the Congress accepts the amendments in the Rajyasabha then the bill needs to be placed again in the Loksabha for the approval, so that the bill cannot be passed in the winter session. If the bill was put to vote in the current form then sure it would be rejected because of minority. So the Congress tried hard to appease TMC to support the bill in its current form but couldn't. So the congress tried its best to avoid voting by keeping in mind that if the bill after voting failed, then it would cause great embarrassment to the government.

In order to avert voting congress executed two tricky plans. They want to run out of time so that three days of extended session will get over. As per the plan, first they brought quota for minorities issue which leads to disruption and the session was adjourned for about 15 minutes.

Next with the help of RJD MP, they scripted a most embarrassing ploy. An RJD MP directly went to the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office V Narayanasamy's place where he was proceeding with the debate with his blurred voice and pulled the paper from his hands, tore and threw it.

But with a large heart Narayanaswamy continued with his speech which no one understood .For every point made by the opposition, he gave ridiculous answers. In simple words he gave poll campaign speech like "What the BJP and other parties done". No valuable or counter point in his an hour long speech which was with the intention to run out of time. Finally clock ticks for 12 am and they succeed in running out time and Rajysabha was adjourned sine die.

As usual after everything there would be some blame game among government and the opposition. Here also it took place without any exception, but eventually more words were released against Congress, even from its allies. Opposition rightly called it as "a murder of democracy ". Once again we, the people of India failed to get anti-corruption bill because of the inept government and the opposition.

- Govind Prakash