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In India marriages are thought for life and the divorce rate is extremely low compared to western Countries. From many centuries, arranged marriages have been a tradition in Indian society. Even today in many of the Indian families, marriages are arranged by their parents and other family members, with the consent of both the bride and groom.

Arranged marriages are a cultural tradition which many of the people gets confused with forced marriages. Arranged marriages are made taking into account age, height, personal values, tastes, status, castes, background of their families and astrological compatibility. In arranged marriages dowry is demanded, this has been outlawed by the Indian government, but even today this practice of dowry system is prevailing. Many people strived hard for the eradication of this system in earlier independent days as a result dowry prohibition act was enacted in 1961. Indian society and culture promotes and maintains his it, though it has been outlawed, by not letting authorities know about arrangements of money or any such exchanges.

Love marriage comes with greater expectations between partners, as they feel that they have mutual understanding and that they know each other inside out by the time marriage arrives. But when the situation changes after marriage, that is, when the expectations are not reached, there arrives the thought to get divorced. Expectations play a key role here.

Divorce rates are high in love or western cultured marriages than arranged marriages. This may be because, social pressures to not to get divorce are more in arranged marriages. There may be many reasons to get divorced one of the important one is abusive behavior of spouse. In earlier days, women used to depend on men for their basic needs but now women are more independent and are not ready to accept any kind of ill behavior of their spouse.

People are selfish and are too lazy to work on their relationships. It's all about them and what they want, they don't care about their significant other while relationships are about give and take, compromise, understanding and team work. Western culture of dating, love marriages, agreements made for a shorter time relationship are definitely showing their impact on present generation. This is the main reason for the advancement of divorce rates in India.

In India when traditions are followed divorce rate is very less. Western culture's impact increased the rate of divorces in India. Divorce rates can be reduced by changing the thinking of people by bringing them out from the impact of western culture. Relationships can be maintained only with a feel to keep them, At least with a feel not to end them for silly reasons. Divorce rates reduce only when people understand this.

Sundeep Shukla

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