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Western Culture Promotes Divorces

Marriage is one the zoom-in moments of every person's life.Of course there are cases where it turned out to be unfortunate.Our Indian marriage system,the importance we give to it and more importantly the relationship that we all make it till the end speak volumes about our traditions.But gradually there is a steep increase in divorce cases even in India.

The impact of western culture on our marriage system has different ramifications. Gone are the days when man is the sole bread-winner of the family.Women have shed their inhibitions and have come out of their shell.They are no more confined to their kitchens.They even started to rule the nation and even dared to set her foot in the space. But still there are a few male chavunists who always second the growth of women.

Women became financially independent and more individualistic which most of the men can't accept.This leads to serious contention.Both being so independent seek respect from their partners which if not received makes their ego hurt. This makes them disputatious even at the petty issues and further leads to fractured relationships.

Borrowing the words of George Bernard Shaw,"Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity",the statement portrays how marriage is sought as an opportunity to fulfil their desires in the west Even our youngsters tend to get into a relationship without proper prior understanding. .Getting into this kind of wrong relationships has also been imported from the West. This makes their lives miserable at later stages of life and divorce will be the follow-up action.

Live-in relationships,polygamy,teenage love,intense lust which have their strong base in west are also being adopted by our youth.

But the noticeable and prominent change is, many cases of domestic violence have seen the light of the day.Earlier the society used to pay a deaf ear to the problems being faced by women and divorce used to take a back seat even when some of the cases of murder went unread. But women these days have the courage to speak up agaisnt their problem. Both the partners feel that's its better to live separately than with the frequent disputes. Of course I do agree that no relationship can survive on the verge of suffocation.But divorce definitely will have an adverse impact on their offsprings or future generations. As we see children of the divorced parents tend to be emotionally disturbed,lack of trust, school drop-outs,addition to bad habits etc.Its not necessarily to be complacent but better not to magnify the problems.

Marriage should be an epitome of love,commitment and support.So both the partners should act sensible and support and understand each other.Its better to iron out the wrinkles before taking the extreme step.

Haritha Chaganti

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