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Religious Nationalism has established its supremacy in India after UP election-Agree or Disagree

Religious Nationalism has established its supremacy in India after UP election-Agree or Disagree

Today Indiapeoples are living in twenty century and India country is following he democracy rule after independence. Indian people had been faced lot of election in their life. Many elections given differentresult like(IndiraGandhi time). If we talking about 2014 Lok Sabha election (Modi ji time). Every political party and prominent leader of every party fought the election of every basis of religion, caste, minority, unemployment, corruption and poverty. But BJP had fought 2014 lok sabha election on the basic of Gujaratdevelopment model and won the 2014 lok sabha election.

But after recently held the election of 2017 hascreated the different form in society.Specially some oppositionparties are unable to understand people decision. In 2017 state election, the religion and religious nationalism played very important role and give the different result.The election in the state, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Punjab, uttrakhand, Manipur these states election show different thinking of society in the election. The elections were very different. Every ruling party was shocked after result. specially in Uttar Pradesh election created the history.

The religious nationalism has established its supremacy in India after up election. I am agree with it.Our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi ji which trying to bring India in one unity and he has always addressed the population of India as team India. He believe that 125 crore people is the team of India. This team will always perform better on world level. Today literacy has been increase after independence. In the 21 century India is the country of youth power. They youth power is beyond away from the Politics of politicians. Today youth generation want clean and fair politics. Which take strong and strict decision to tackle from corruption, poverty, unemployment, water problem, climate change and terrorism problem etc. The population wants to reduce these problems as soon as possible. The image of PM Modi ji always remains as Hindu leader and BJP also known that Hindu party. But Modi said, he wantsdevelopment with everyone in society. That's why he said that He want "Sab ka sath sab ka vikas" in India.

If we discuss the Uttar Pradesh election result. So that result depend on Modi ji action. Because Modi was the face of BJP party in UP election. Whatever PM modi ji done in the tenure of Prime minister. As a prime minister he has taken strong and strict decision tackle the problem. He always said that he always erase the poverty, corruption, unemployment and terrorism from India. That's why he has started lot of scheme and project in India. Like Jan dhan yojna, Digitial India, make in India, and etc.

The strict action against the enemy Pakistan " surgical strike after Uri attack. This action made strong personality of PM Modi in India. People loved that action and it was right action. Modi has not felt nervous yourself on Note ban action against the corruption, black money, duplicate note in market, Hawala business. This action made different image of modi in India. The youth accept this action this note ban decision against corruption.

In UP election BJP party not issue any ticket of Muslim candidate after that they won the election of 2017. The religious doesn't matter. The matter is who is right and wrong. Who is clean and fair image.Muslim population also with modi they gave the vote modi because they want freedom from poverty, unemployment, corruption, monopoly, triple talaq problem, terrorism and development of all caste and all religion India.

According to me this election show that it was victory of people not any religion. The today youth not want to fight on caste,religion. he is beyond away from the this politics. They want clean and fair government which provide development, unemployment, reduce corruption and poverty and increase the education level.

- Sanyog Varshney