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Religious Nationalism has established its supremacy in India after UP election-Agree or Disagree

Religious Nationalism has established its supremacy in India after UP election-Agree or Disagree

Religion has always been a source of inspiration as well as provocation since ancient times whether we look at foreign invaders or today's politicians. Religion has been a juicy topic to highlight for achieving personal benefits.

Religion teaches peace and prosperity but the same hasn't been the motto of "netas" during elections. There has been a record of incidents disrupting stability by pinching sensitive topics of faith and belief. Recent example can be seen after UP elections. A huge majority to BJP proved to have been voted by all castes and sections of society.

Prior to elections "Ram Mandir" gathered lot of attention and distraction as well for the voters. One party tried to attract majority while others tried to attract minority. Post election it was tried to declare the mandate as religious monopoly nationwide rather than a development loving government hence making it national breaking news.

Topics like Beef Ban and Triple Talaq has been the eye catching points for some people trying it to paint in the name of religious freedom. Basic human rights and mercy for animals was ignored in order to gain popularity.

Few incidents of troubling young teenage boys and girls have been a matter of criticism for UP Government by a particular religion based contractors taking law in their hands. Such activities always shame society causing stress among the fellow society members.

Beef Ban, the most highlighted nationwide topic was tampered and modified for attaining political and religious benefits rather than having a clearview from specs of law and order. A particular group was made to feel scared but wise people choose to relax with a cup of tea in their hands.

Although government made several ways to check religious extremism there were few uncivilized events which breached the confidence of people from Government like local fights and tension during RamNavmi processions.

Saffron Tsunami seems to have influenced a major part of country hence trying to co-relate with rising religious nationalism in order to hide their wrong deeds by opposition and so called intellectual people.

To promote ones religion is good but to promote or defame for political benefits is religious nationalismand it isn't acceptable at all. Triple Talaq which has made Muslim women life as bad as hell doesn't seem to be a humanitarian issue for many opportunist people. Violating IPC laws and fundamental rights can been clearly seen from pattern and process of divorcing a woman.

This has been a matter of pride for some orthodox and outdated mindset people hyping it under the banner of religion. Love Jihad was also one of the weapons for influencing a particular group of people trying to assure their vote banks by spreading hatred and fear among young minds.

Two people having consensual marriage from the religion of poles apart ideology seemed to be a jackpot topic to hammer final nail in coffin of love and peace by opportunist people. Although some cases proved the fear of fraud and religion conversion true but it won't be justified to look every case from same mindset.

Religion can be better understood only by following basic principles of love peace and prosperity and not from the high decibel loudspeaker of rallies or watering a sapling of neem in our hearts sowed by sick minded people.

From my opinion there has been attempts to use religion more as an agenda by sick minded people which isn't beneficial for progress of a state or nation anyhow.

- Sandeep Kumar