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Indian Defence Accounts Service

The Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS) is responsible for maintaining the complete accounts of the Defence Services. The first position to be placed in after appointment is that of Assistant Controller of Defence Accounts. The defence accounts offices in cantonment, states and defence command headquarters are under the jurisdiction of the IDAS.

Indian Defence Accounts Service Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Indian Defence Accounts Service exam is the same as for other services. Once the candidate clears the civil services and gets allotment to the Indian foriegn service as per his rank, he has to go through specified training.

Indian Defence Accounts Service Recruitment and Training

The Indian Defence Accounts Service training is carried out for almost 1 and half years. Before the main training, the trainee officers are trained for auditors and clerks for phase of 2 months. After the two months training they are posted officially in Defence Accounts Director's Office. Here the training programme is divided in to 4 stages: 2 - weeks in Basic Training, 3 weeks in Functional or Specific Training, 2 - weeks in Computer Allied Training, 1 week in Aptness or Grooming Module.

The last stage that is the perfection or Grooming Module is managed by IDAS Officers or Guest Faculty. After effectively trained as auditors and clerks, the trainees are posted at the Defence Accounts Authority's office. Here they are strongly guided by the senior Administrative Officers or IDAS Officers with practical training in Accounting and Costing Sections, Audit. The apprentice auditors are supposed to attend classed in accurate attire in RTC course group.

Indian Defence Accounts Service Exam 2016

The Indian Defence Accounts Service exam 2016 notification has come and the last date of online application was on the 27th of may 2016. The date of prelims exam is 7th August 2016. The next exam will happen in 2017 around the same time.

Indian Defence Accounts Service syllabus 2016

The syllabus for the civil services exam in 2016 and every other year is the same for the Indian Defence Accounts Service as well as other services. There is no difference whatsoever.

Indian Defence Accounts Service Ranks and Salaries

Service Hierarchy


Pay scales

Designation in Field

Junior time scale


Assistant Controller of Defence Accounts

Senior time scale


Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts

Junior administrative grade


Joint Controller of Defence Accounts

Selection grade


Senior administrative grade


Controller of Defence Accounts

Higher administrative grade


Principal Controller of Defence Accounts 
Additional Controller General of Defence Accounts

26000 (fixed)

Controller General of Defence Accounts (or Financial Advisor � Defence Services)