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Hormuz Peace Initiative

Posted on : 16 Jan 2020

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  • India was a key participant at a special meeting in Tehran this week on Hormuz Peace Initiative, which seeks stability in one of the world’s busiest and strategically located shipping lanes amid escalating US-Iran tensions.
  • The initiative, led by Iran to stabilise the Strait of Hormuz, the gateway for a significant amount of global oil supplies, saw participation from key regional players including Oman and India besides Afghanistan and China.
  • Two-thirds of the oil and half the liquefied natural gas India imports come through the strait between Iran and Oman. As much as 18 million barrels of oil pass through the Strait of Hormuz every day, accounting for one-third of the global oil trade. A third of the world’s LNG trade also passes through the strait.
  • The Strait of Hormuz is one of the world's most strategically important choke points. On the north coast lies Iran, and on the south are the UAE and Musandam, an enclave of Oman. The strait is about 90 nautical miles (167 km) long, with a width varying from about 52 nautical miles to 21 nautical miles.
  • The January 6-7 meeting reviewed the latest developments in the Persian Gulf region and evaluated the regional cooperation plans under the ‘Hormuz Peace Endeavor’ (HOPE), proposed by Tehran.

Article Related Questions

  1. With reference to Hormuz Peace Initiative consider the following statements
    1.The initiative is led by Oman.
    2.India and China were also key participants in the initiative.
    3.Two-thirds of the oil India imports comes through the strait between Iran and Oman.
    Which of the following statement is/are correct?

  2. 1.1 and 2 only

    2.2 and 3 only

    3.1 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 2 and 3 only

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