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Indian Railways introduced a new Passenger Information System

Posted on : 02 Jan 2020

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  • Indian Railways introduced a new Passenger Information System at Anakapalle Railway Station of Vijayawada Division in South Central Railway.
  • The Passenger Information system comprises both “At a Glance Display Board” (which gives a glance of the status of various train timings at the Station) and “Coach Guidance Display Board” (which provides the Coach Composition position of a train).
  • The objective of this application is to provide better features and easy guidance to the passengers and thereby providing satisfactory user experience.
  • In the new Passenger Information System provided at Anakapalle Station, new technology has been adopted by which the estimated arrival of the trains at the station is taken based on the real time location of the trains.
  • This is done by taking continuously updated data sourced automatically from the Centralized Railway Information System (CRIS) server from time to time.
  • The system provides automated display information about the trains expected at the station in the next two hours in Trilingual form i.e. Telugu, English and Hindi.
  • In addition, the system also provides facility for operator to modify the data instantly in case of any emergencies.
  • At a Glance Display boards are single faced with Ultra HD LED commercial grade Monitor and generally installed at the entrance of the station.
  • They consist of 3 to 5 lines and are used for displaying information of upcoming trains at the station.
  • This system also provides crucial information to passenger about direction of train running to enable him reach his coach easily. Passenger can identify the train direction, train engine location, coach position easily as the entire train composition is depicted in graphical way. 

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  1. Indian Railways introduced a new Passenger Information System at which station of India recently?

  2. 1.Vijayawada




    Right Ans : Vijayawada

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