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India’s first Maritime Museum in Gujarat

Posted on : 05 Dec 2019

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  • Underwater or marine archaeology in India is all set to get a boost with the government deciding to establish a National Maritime Heritage Museum at Lothal, a Harappan site on the Saurashtra coast in Gujarat.
  • The museum will also be an independent research centre of underwater archaeology for reconstruction of maritime history, archaeology of boat building and materials traded.
  • The museum is being set up with technical help from the Portuguese Maritime Heritage Museum.
  • Lothal is the site of one of the oldest ports in India dating to the Bronze Age.
  • In India, shipwreck studies were initiated in 1989 off Sunchi Reef in Goa waters.

Article Related Questions

  1. India’s first Maritime Museum is been recently established by the government in which state of India?

  2. 1.Andhra Pradesh


    3.Tamil Nadu


    Right Ans : Gujarat

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