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Koraga community

Posted on : 17 Jan 2020

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  • The Koragas are a tribal community found mainly in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi districts of Karnataka and Kasaragod district of Kerala, South India. These areas in Karnataka, are together often referred to as Tulu Nadu.
  • The area in which Koragas live comprise mostly of agricultural land and forest. The tribe continues to make use of the forest produce—principally, bamboo and creepers—for the manufacture of baskets.
  • Traditionally, they lived in structures made of leaves, called koppus and also dressed in leaves. Around the beginning of 21st century, they started to live in simple free houses constructed and sanctioned by Government agencies.
  • Some continue to remain either homeless or live on government-owned lands.
  • Koraga people are known for drum beating (dollu or dolu beating). They used to beat dolu during events such as Kambala, village fairs or just for fun in their living places.
  • Flute music and dance involving both men and women are also important parts of Koraga culture and are apparent at celebrations such as Bhoomi Habba (worshipping earth).
  • Koragas have their own language, classified as an independent Dravidian language, which is strongly influenced by Tulu, Kannada, Malayalam, languages commonly found in their area.
  • The 1901 census report noted the Koraga as a lowly tribe of basket-makers and labourers, some of whom were employed as scavengers.
  • In past they were claimed to be of Chandala origin, considered untouchables among Hindus and suffered centuries of oppression.
  • Presently, Koragas are classified by the Government of India as a Scheduled Tribe.
  • The Koraga people are an educationally disadvantaged tribe.
  • Koraga people have been subjected to a caste‐based discriminatory practice known as Ajalu, where Koragas are made to eat leftover food from upper caste households mixed with hair, fingernails and other inedible substances and made to run like buffaloes before the beginning of Kambala race."

Article Related Questions

  1. Which of the following statements are correct about Koraga community?
    1.Koragas is a community of mainly basket-weavers found in South of India.
    2.The practice of ‘Ajalu’ is associated with Koraga community.
    3.Koragas are classified by the Government of India as a Scheduled Caste.
    Choose the correct answer:

  2. 1.1 and 2 only

    2.2 only

    3.2 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 1 and 2 only

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