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Mission Innovation

Posted on : 31 Dec 2019

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  • Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Union to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation.
  • India is one of the founding members.
  • As part of the initiative, participating countries have committed to double their governments’ clean energy research and development (R&D) investments over five years, while encouraging greater levels of private sector investment in transformative clean energy technologies.
  • It was announced on November 30, 2015, at COP21 meeting due to pioneering efforts by India, France, and the USA, as world leaders came together in Paris to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate changes.

Article Related Questions

  1. Which of the following statements regarding Mission Innovation is incorrect?

  2. 1.It is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission.

    2.It was announced at COP21 on November 30, 2015.

    3.India joined this initiative in 2019.

    4.Its goal is to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation.

    Right Ans : India joined this initiative in 2019.

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