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Red Mud

Posted on : 25 Feb 2020

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  • Red Mud is a solid waste generated during the aluminium production process.
  • One tonne of production of alumina leads to output of 1.5 tonne of red mud.
  • Global generation of red mud is more than 150 million tons and there exists a global inventory of more than 3 billion tons.
  • Red mud generation in India is around 9 million tons per year.
  • Red mud contains impurities such as caustic soda and others minerals and thus it is a serious environmental concern. This waste needs to be converted into wealth.
  • Red mud contains 25 to 30 per cent of iron.

Article Related Questions

  1. Red mud, which was recently in news, is residue of which one of the following minerals?

  2. 1.Magnesium



    4.Rare earth minerals

    Right Ans : Aluminium

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