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Tantric Worship

Posted on : 04 Jan 2020

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  • Tantric practices were open to women and men, and practitioners often ignored differences of caste and class within the ritual context.
  • Many of these ideas influenced Shaivism as well as Buddhism, especially in the eastern, northern and southern parts of the subcontinent.
  • Those engaged in tantric practices frequently ignored the authority of Vedas.
  • The devotees of Tantricism often projected their chosen deity, either Vishnu or Shiva as supreme.
  • Relations with other traditions, such as Buddhism or Jainism, were also often fraught with tension if not open conflict.

Article Related Questions

  1. Select the correct statement regarding Tantric worship

  2. 1.Tantric practices were open to both men and women.

    2.Tantric practitioners recognized caste and class differences within ritual context.

    3.Tantric worship was confined to Eastern India.

    4.Tantric worshippers recognized the authority of vedas.

    Right Ans : Tantric practices were open to both men and women.

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