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Wasteland Atlas-2019

Posted on : 03 Dec 2019

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  • The wasteland mapping exercise is carried out by National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Department of Space using the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRSS) data.
  • The atlas is then jointly published by The Department of Land Resources (Ministry of Rural Development) and National Remote Sensing Centre.
  • The Wastelands Atlas – 2019 is the fifth edition of all atlases. The previous editions released were in 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2011.
  • India with 2.4% of total land area of the World is supporting 18% of the World’s population.  The per capita availability of agriculture land in India is 0.12 ha whereas World per capita agriculture land is 0.29 ha.
  • Unprecedented pressure on the land beyond its carrying capacity is resulting into degradation of lands in the Country.
  • Therefore, robust geospatial information on wastelands assumes significance and effectively helpful in rolling back the wastelands for productive use through various land development programmes.

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  1. Which one among the following states has gone largest positive change in wasteland area in the recently released Wasteland Atlas-2019?

  2. 1.Rajasthan




    Right Ans : Rajasthan

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