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Women Science Congress and Missile Woman of India

Posted on : 07 Jan 2020

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  • The Women Science Congress was inaugurated at the ongoing Indian Science Congress.
  • DRDO Aeronautical Systems Director General Dr.Tessy Thomas who is known as Missile Woman of India graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.
  • Recalling the contribution of women in different spheres, she said, the status of women in the country is changing as their growing presence is seen in many areas of expertise.
  • Dr. Thomas said, the strides taken by India in the field of Science and Technology, through Mangalyan, Chandrayaan, anti-satellite mission, tactical and strategic mission in missile system, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Light Combat Aircraft, have established it in the elite club of nations.
  • The 106th Indian Science Congress is organizing Women’s Science Congress with the focal theme “Future India : Science and Technology”. This programme is intended to showcase the contribution of women in Science, Technology and the Society.
  • This programme is intended to showcase the contribution of women in Science and Technology. Renowned women scientists participated and delivered lectures in this session with aim to empower the women and to inculcate scientific interest and temper among them.
  • Till recently, leading newspaper of India reports that career in Science and Technology is mainly occupied by men. Only 14% of Indian research is contributed by women. This is alarmingly low as compared to the global average of 28.4%. Only 65% of Indian woman receives basic education.
  • Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi stated, “When a man is educated an individual is educated; when a woman is educated a family and a country are educated”.

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