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Posted on : 13 Feb 2020

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  • Rise of ISIS:In 2014, the Iraqi insurgency escalated dramatically following the conquest of Mosul and major areas in northern Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a Salafi jihadist militant group and an unrecognised proto-state that follows a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam.
  • Yazidi genocide by ISIS: ISIS is also the perpetrator ofgenocide of Yazidis in Iraq. This genocide led to expulsion, flight and effective exile of Yazidis from their ancestral lands in Northern Iraq whose women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by ISIS and whose men were killed by thousands. They were also subjected to forced conversions.
  • Yazidis:
  • Yazidis are an endogamous, mostly Kurmanji-speaking group of predominantly Kurdish ethnicity, indigenous to Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
  • Yazidi practices have roots tracing back to the ancient Mesopotamian religions, but it has mixed elements of Christianity (baptism), Islam (circumcision) and Zoroastrianism (reverence of fire as a manifestation from God).
  • Yazidis have been denounced as infidels by fundamentalists like Al-Qaida and ISIS.
  • Despite many years of oppression and attempts to exterminate them, Yazidis have kept alive their syncretic religion for centuries.

Article Related Questions

  1. The term ‘Yazidis’ was often in news in reference to the conflict and civil war in West Asia. Which of the following statements are correct about Yazidis?
    1.Yazidis are an endogamous, mostly Kurmanji-speaking group.
    2.Yazidi practices have roots tracing back to the ancient Egyptian civilization.
    3.Yazidi practices have mixed elements of Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism.
    Choose the correct answer:

  2. 1.1 only

    2.1 and 2 only

    3.1 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 1 and 3 only

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