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Is nationalism above humanism?..

Nationalism is an ideology that protects and promotes the interests of some group of people of their thinking, culture, language and ethnicity. It provides them freedom to run their nation on own and protect it from foreign oppression. Humanism is an ideology to treat every human with respect and love despite having ethnic differences. Human beings need and value are more important than other issues like religion, one desire, etc.

Similarities between humanism and nationalism :

  1. In both the ideology, we have to protect and safeguard from oppression.

  2. Importance is given to the need and values.

Differences between humanism and nationalism :

  1. Nationalism cares only about a particular area (regional) while humanism is about caring for every human (globally).

  2. Nationalism can lead an individual to become greedy & selfish while humanism can lead to eradication of these issues. Greedy and selfish examples are ISIS, China border disputes with many countries, naxalism, etc.

Politically, nationalism gives more power to people to protect themselves from outer oppression. It also protects them from internal problems. It gives some right to people to live their life happily. Whereas, humanism is not about using the given power to hurt other humans but to protect them.

Socially, nationalism brings people together with the same mindset. Whereas humanism bring everyone to live together with or without the same mindset.

Economically, nationalism may give everyone equal rights to trade, practice profession or work, etc. Humanism is about fulfilling basic needs of an individual.

Environmentally, nationalism cares about the environment related issues in their nation. They don’t care about the environmental issues of other countries. Humanism cares about the environment at global level. They know that humans can exist only at those places where environment is proper to live and carry out other activities.

Culturally, nationalism protects the culture of a particular ethnic groups or multiple groups. Humanism protects the whole group in spite of differences.

Sustainably, nationalism protects the natural resources for future demand. Humanism cares about present problem.

Nationalism is more important than humanism when the nation is under threat. Whereas humanism is important when a human accepts it mistake (only when the mistake is not inhuman) or want love/ peace.

There is improvement needed in nationalism. Nationalism feeling should not hurt other nation or group of some ethnicities. Nationalism feeling should not be above humanism only except in some cases like terrorism, foreign attacks or may be internal issues like naxalism. Both nationalism and humanism should go hand in hand for a better future of the nation and for the prosperity of the world.

-Sujeet Kumar

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