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Among all the multilateral organizations of which India is member, which one serves India's interest more

Among all the multilateral organizations of which India is member, which one serves India, interest more. India has good connection & relation with various multilateral organizations. It obtains their funding from multiple governments and spends it on projects in various countries. The aim of multilateral organization to provide specialized training in relevant field such as public health, economics, business.

There are various multilateral organization play very important role in India
UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Education Fund) - This organization play very good role in India. It works for the welfare of children across the globe. Improving the health of the world's children. In India UNICEF play a good responsibility 'Child Protection, violence, exploitation, sexual exploitation, Trafficking, child labour etc. UNICEF actively implement healthcare projects abroad, such as immunization, rehydration, Diarrhea, HIV/ AIDS.

World Bank

World Bank also play very good role in multilateral organization. The global burden of disease in concentrated in poor countries. World Bank aim to alleviate poverty by giving loan and credit on minimum rate of interested. World Bank grants to poor countries various development projects in the area of education, healthcare, agriculture, environment and natural resource management infrastructure.

WHO (World Health Organization)

World Health Organization aim to fighting disease and achieving better health for the world. WHO recruits a wide range of expertise, such as medical doctors, researchers, epidemiologist at worldwide level?
SAARC (South Asia association for regional cooperation)
SAARC is the good way and main tool for integration and relation with neighbor countries, SAARC providing connectivity project, such as the Bay of Bengal initiative for multi sectorial technical and economic cooperation (BIMSTEC) and Bangladesh-china-India- Myanmar economic corridor. These projects coincide with the New "Act East" Policy which builds on the previous look East policy.

ASEAN (Association of south- east nations)

Which is focused on Non - traditional security cooperation between china, Russia another central Asian country? India has long lobbied for permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council and maintains pragmatic approach when voting in UN general Assembly.

South- south cooperation

In March 2016, adopted sustainable development goal underscore the global intent to end poverty the planet and ensure prosperity. South - south cooperation (SSC) has emerged as parallel mechanism to support the global quest for improved quality of life across the world.

Asia - Pacific economic cooperation

It aims to promote free trade throughout the Asia - Pacific regional. India's approach to Asia Pacific several political securities, economic and social - cultural factors are at playing making Asia Pacific a highly dynamic region. Raise of china the rebalancing strategy of the U.S, growing importance of the Indian Ocean region and maritime issue the growing salience of none, traditional security threat.

United Nation

India is charter member of the United Nations and participates in all its specialized agencies and organization. India has contributed troops to United Nations peacekeeping efforts in Korea, Egypt and Congo. India is a member of G-4, group of nations who back each other in seeking a permanent seat on the Security Council and advocate in favor of reformation of UNSC.

And other multilateral organization, which are the member of India and playing the important role to development the county. India has a good connection with every organization. Today India has more interested in united nation and Asia pacific economy corporation maintain good relation with neighbor.

- Sanyog Varshney

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