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Courage to accept and decision to improve are two keys to success.

Success! How does it can be achieved? What makes one to get that fruit? Nothing in this world is complicated until it is done. That is only our perception to think of the complexity. The only way to improve tomorrow is to know what you did wrong today.

Albert Einstein says,” Mistakes are the proofs that we are learning”. The person who accepts and corrects that mistakes become masters in the domain. Only when the mistakes are agreed upon our side, it would eventually pave way for learning and sustainably we can improvise in the stepping stones of success.

Many of us will be stubborn in doing things and not let anybody else’s ideas to upgrade the present level of position in the ladder. Even though this is a competitive world, everyone has a different destination and the path everyone takes up will also be different. Education doesn’t stop with graduation or a doctoral degree. Education by the other way is unlimited learning and that comes from who is capable of accepting his own actions. That is a courageous outcome of an individual to seek success. A responsible person must learn to unlearn what he has learnt. Sometimes we need to go down a few grades to learn something new. And to go down, we need courage to accept to go down the grades.

None of us in this world has been created to be idle. We must perform things happen in front of the world’s eyes to have a worth for our living. Hence, we should think of success without no other option. It is the rent we pay to live on this earth. Once we get the agreeableness on mistakes or the things we do on our behalf, we will have an optimistic view of correcting things. It will not only end up in correcting the things alone, it will subsequently lead to improvise the skills or the information that we are lacking.

It is not that the information is absent with us; it is that we are lagging behind it but when once that push or pull happens, it will create a drive to manage all sort of obstacles in accepting the things of reality. That created drive is called the courageous act. One that courageous act gets pregnant, the decision for improvising will be delivered.

There are some steps to get succeed by following the principle ‘Courage to accept and decision to improve’:

  1. We need to look within and around to foresee our mistakes or the kind of acts that we are performing.
  2. We should not react so hard once our acts are termed wrong by others.
  3. We need to be patient enough to look for our acts when there exists criticism.
  4. We need to have a self-analysis pointing out the acts and its effects.
  5. Once we realize that some acts are wrong, we must accept them and we need to make sure that we cannot hold ourselves to search for the reasons to make the wrong acts to be correct.
  6. We should pacify our guiltiness of doing those acts and look for rectifying those mistakes.
  7. Agreeableness to the acts make us courageous enough to seek upon various options to make correct decisions.
  8. Once we implement the correct decision, it will lead to further improvement.
  9. As improvement happens, the fruits of success can be tasted.

There are yet other things that rely on unlocking the success with the keys of courage to accept and decision to improve. Optimism – the way to look upon everything in a positive way. The decision must be practical and reliable enough that ensures the perfect probability of happening with extreme correctness. Self-consciousness – must in doing things to maintain the ease of upgrading; and many more. Procrastination is also a big threat to success. Keeping these things in mind, we can pursue success.