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Presidential elections are never part of sweet talks. The rivalry (US presidential elections) began with lot of competencies, policies and aggressiveness.

Romney fuelled the buzz by telling that 'he wants a V.P. with a vision for the country that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country'. Romney chose Paul D Ryan as his running mate, republican with knowledge of development. Romney tried to repair his damaged image by negative democratic advertising and shift the trajectory of the campaign, that' seen him losing grounds to Barack Obama.

The battle began with the Romney taking the lead in the first presidential debate. Romney's key factor was to turn around the nation in the midst of sluggish economic recovery. He remarked Obama as "not living up to their promises". But then, Obama cleared his grounds by fulfilling the promises made in 2008. He ended up the war in Iraq, still trying to end up the war in Afghanistan, and focused on 9/11 attack and Osama Bin Laden is dead. The incumbent US president-Barack Obama slammed Romney on foreign policy and his refusal to divulge offshore tax arrangement. Romney spooked voters with accounts of excessive government oversight, while Obama scared them about Romney's freeboothing economic philosophy that favoured the rich.

Pregnancy came up as the issue, where Romney's advertisement featured young woman telling her new-born baby, "dear daughter, Welcome to America. Your share of Obama's debt is over $50,000". Rape remark came as one of the drawbacks of democrat. Romney played down social issues and projected moderate stance on matters like abortion, to court female voters. But he came down, as he gave a meandering response on equal pay for women. Obama called Romney as "bullshitter" for his new word "ROMNESIA".

Obama was hard put to defend from unemployment to soaring gas prices with his fiery performance, in second and the final debate. Obama spoke about the video which showed Romney decrying 47% of Americans, who paid no income-tax, mentioned as freeloaders. Romney accused Obama of unemployment and outsourcing jobs to China and India, where Obama lashed out Romney who was against saving auto industry and for his statement "let Detroit go bankrupt". Romney's camp advertisement which said that Jeep plants were going to be shipping jobs to china, to which car companies response was "knock it off". This issue was held main reason for unemployment, as Auto industry accounts for one out of eight jobs in Ohio.

Romney's introduction of race card in polling came up as a criticism for his foreign policy flip-flops whereas, an endorsement for Obama. Romney was put to test, due to Obama's leadership qualities, after hurricane "Sandy". Romney showed compassion for victims and called on supporters to help Americans in need but with no official role in response. On the other hand, Obama took storm as a opportunity which allowed him to pose as cool, effective leader, marshalling govt. resources when citizens need them the most. Sandy posed peril for Romney, which threatened his closing arguments ahead of the elections on vote counting.
As each vote counted for both the rivals, Democrats used computer system to track polling station incidents, while Republicans relied on network of supporters with smartphone's to forward any kind of irregularities to the headquarters.

On the final day of election, Obama spent the day in his hometown Chicago, playing basketball with his friends and giving satellite interviews. As for Romney, he continued campaigning on final day too, with an effort "to keep working until the polls close".
At the end, battleground with lot of struggle, debates, efforts, declared its result by re-election of Barack Hussein Obama as their president. For Obama, he confounded political logic, with a decisive victory built on strong foundations laid down months ago. The delegate collection strategy, termed as "Obama's machine", and the Bin Laden killing contributed as the key factors to Obama's triumph. Obama's early vote proved meaningful. In regards of unemployment, the economy was just good enough.
On the other side, Republicans across the political spectrum anticipate a prolonged period of self-examination, as their party lose popular presidential vote for the 'fifth time out of six elections'.
Finally, this time they (people) defied the strong headwinds of a slowly growing economy and re-elected their president.