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Reasons Behind Rahul Gandhi entering into politics

Rahul Gandhi better known by the sobriquet 'RG' in the party circle arrived in the mainstream politics during mid of the past decade. A graduate from Trinity College, University of Cambridge Gandhi scion's entry into politics didn't appalled many. Politics comes naturally to Mr. Gandhi, who since coming to active politics has been heralded as PM in making.

In the words of Mr Rahul Gandhi " There is a work that my father had started, a dream he had dreamt. I come to you today saying, allow me to carry that dream into reality".These words of Rahul urged the country to accept him as the successor of a quintessential figure of India National Congress, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, who has revolutionised our country. Till 2003, Rahul Gandhi didn't conform to the request of his supporters of joining active politics. In March 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Sonia moved to the Rae Bareli constituency leaving the patriarchal constituency of Amethi for Rahul to contest and to bring him into the foray. In his first interview with foreign media, Rahul portrayed himself as a uniter of the country and condemned "divisive" politics in India, saying that he would try to reduce caste & religion tensions. The result being a pompous victory by margin of over 100,000 votes.

Till 2006 Rahul Gandhi eschewed to hold any political office. In 2006 at Hyderabad in high profile congress campaign for the 2007 assembly election Rahul Gandhi was again urged by the congress camaraderie to step ahead and become the iconic youth face of congress to take on the reins of leadership. Consequently in sep. 2007 Rahul acceded as general secretary of All India Congress Committee and also took charge of youth congress and NSUI. With a sound political acumen and vision of the party Rahul created a think tank for the beleaguered Indian Youth Congress , for which he interviewed a bunch of 40 pre-screened people. The organisation has been revamped since Rahul took over the charge.

Rahul had been confronted and quizzed at JNU, considered to be influenced by leftist, on hierarchical politics in India, visit to dalit house, economic growth & education reforms. In 2009 Lok Sabha elections once again Rahul was able to woo the voters leading to a victory margin of over 3,33,000 votes.

As we know, nothing comes with ease; same has been the case with him too. He has been marred with controversy in a brief carrier spanning over 8 years. His remarks over 7/11 terror attack, comparison of RSS and SIMI , sukanya devi case and ilk issues have also irked the public. Though one may say that as a part of Gandhi dynasty lead him into politics but then it is one's charisma & persona that sustains them in a long run. Further it is also pertinent to recall once again that prior entering into quagmire of Indian politics and confront with its vexed issues he had done a lot of ground work, to firm up his foothold, sine qua non to fulfil the dream that his father has dream

- Pushkar Ashwani