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What are the unique features of electioneering in India?

India, the largest democracy in the world gives its people the unique right to choose their leaders. The word 'Election' has sunk into the heart and soul of the citizens of India from time immemorial. The only day when citizens find themselves in a higher seat and rather the only day when politicians find the people of India Valuable. The day when people stand with their head rose above their shoulders as they know that they matter a lot, that a single click of theirs on the voting machine matters. The electioneering process possesses unique features, both positive and negative, probably with the negatives on a higher side.

'Election' has become the keyword of Democracy. While it is the game changer, changing the political scenario of the country, it is at this point of time that the term Citizens gains importance in the minds of innumerous political candidates and political parties which consider this as the Ultimatum. Election in India is marked by Election campaign. The upcoming days until the two days prior to the day on which votes are cast, the whole atmosphere is polluted with the so called ' Election campaign' where candidates go around the streets and villages , doing nothing but waving at masses pretending to assure them that they will be there through thick and thin. The way they enter huts and pamper small kids is clearly indicative of the kind of mock show that they stage oblivious of the fact that everyone around are aware of their true intention. And the way they throw dirt at each other is the highlight of the whole process. Numerous candidates emerge on the scene to contest as "independent Candidates" with their own Symbols ranging from pin to Ship. They do not know what their particular symbol stands for. As for the common man, the whole show is nothing more than a comic event with irrelevant symbols and parody songs praising the candidates. The situation after coming to power is no better…. Sooner than later we begin to realize that the promises that each party made was nothing more than long lines drawn in clear water. They don't mind rewinding themselves to those days of hectic campaigning. They go about spoiling the scene…. Concerned about nothing but accumulation of wealth. As for the third estate, it is festive season…. With pomp and show, taking on all petty issues converting every mole into humungous mountains. They utilize this period to the maximum, blurting out unwanted news and going by the side of different parties on different days ….. Confusing the public at large. They are the true beneficiaries of this season as they celebrate it to the fullest.

In spite of the fact that People curse politicians and the way they rule the place, they behold the whole process of election with high esteem and place it at a great height with respect and reverence. They view election as a chance to show their liking for one party and hatred towards others. They don't mind standing in the sun for hours just to indicate their choice though there is very little to choose from. The whole system of conducting election is worth appreciating, the way millions of people are allowed to cast their votes in different voting booths based on the ward they belong to is indeed mind-blowing. The whole process calls for complete discipline, law and order.

It is high time that political parties today realize that Election is the most sacred institution in a democracy like India with its roots spread deep into the past. It indicates the strength of the common man... yes the strength and importance of every Citizen of this Great country.

Gopika Jayan