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Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IAAS) 2023

Indian Audit and Accounts ServiceIndian Audit and Accounts Service (IAAS) is a Group 'A' civil services of the Government of India. The IAAS is a central government service, under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and is free of control from any executive authority. This service forms the middle and top level management of the organization, through which the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) exercises its mandate. The lower level comprises of Officers of Group B and below. The three levels together form the Indian Audit & Accounts Department (IA&AD).

What are the eligibility conditions?

The eligibility criteria for the Indian Audit and Accounts Service exam are the same as for other services. Once the candidate clears the civil services and gets allotment to the service as per his rank and has to undergo through specified training.

IAAS eligibility for persons with disability

People with the following disabilities & Physical conditions can be selected into the IAAS

Category(ies) for which Identified Functional Classification Physical Requirements
(i)Locomotor Disability with One Leg Affected or One Arm Affected including Leprosy Cured, Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victims One leg affected (R or L), or one arm affected (R or L) Leprosy Cured (LC), Dwarfism (DW), Acid Attack Victims (AAV) Work performed by reading and writing (Sitting, Standing, Walking, Bending, Seeing, Reading and Writing, Communication)
(ii) Hard of Hearing Hard of Hearing (HH) Work performed by reading and writing (Sitting, Standing, Walking, Bending, Seeing, Reading and Writing, Communication)
(iii) Multiple Disabilities [2 or more disabilities among (i) and (ii) above] All mentioned above
[(i) and (ii) above]
Work performed by reading and writing (Sitting, Standing, Walking, Bending, Seeing, Reading and Writing, Communication)

What kind of training are offered for IAAS ?

The officers recruited to the IAAS are trained at the National Academy of Audit and Accounts (Shimla) for a duration of 1.5 years. The training is in two phases: Phase 1: It covers the theoretical background on concepts of government and commercial accounting and auditing. Phase 2: practical exposure is given to the officers wherein they are attached to institutes like the RBI, the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies. The trainees are given international exposure through attachment with the London School of Economics and Political Science.

What are the posting offered after training?

After the training, they are posted as Deputy Accountant General (DAG)/Deputy Director (DD) at field offices. The highest post of promotion is Deputy CAG of India (equivalent to Secretary to Government of India). The Hierarchy in IAAD is as follows:

  • Deputy Accountant General (DAG)/Deputy Director (DD)
  • Senior DAG/Director
  • Accountant General (AG)/Principal Director (PD)
  • Principal Accountant General (PAG)/Director General (DG)
  • Additional Deputy CAG (Seven Posts)
  • Deputy CAG (Six posts)

Besides, IAAS Officers are also posted at overseas offices of CAG at London, Washington, Rome, New York and Kuala Lumpur. Moreover, they frequently audit various United Nations offices around the world in addition to Indian Embassies in different countries. In addition to the posting in IAAD, IAAS Officers are of high demand in government departments for deputation as Financial Advisers and other executive posts generally held by Indian Administrative service officers. They are also posted on deputation to various overseas offices of United Nations institutions, IMF and World Bank. The biggest attraction of IAAS compared to other All India and Central Civil Services is its independence.

Indian Audit and Accounts Service Ranks and Salaries

Service Hierarchy


Pay scales

Designation in field

Designation in headquarters

Junior time scale


Assistant accountant general

Asstt. Director

Senior time scale


Deputy accountant general

Deputy director

Junior administrative grade


Sr. Deputy accountant general


NFSG of junior administrative grade


Sr. deputy accountant general


Senior administrative grade


Accountant general

Pr. Director


Principal accountant general

Director general



Addl. Deputy C&AG

26000 (fixed)


Deputy C&AG

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