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Indian Defence Estates Service

Indian Defence Estates ServiceThe management of cantonments is under the care of Defence Estate Service. The appointment on completion of probation is that of Executive Officer Class I or Class II of cantonments. The senior most position in this service is that of Director General Defence Estates.

Indian Defence Estates Service Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Indian Defence Estates Service exam is the same as for other services. Once the candidate clears the civil services and gets allotment to the Indian foriegn service as per his rank, he has to go through specified training.

IDES eligibility for persons with disability

People with the following disabilities & Physical conditions can be selected into the IDES

Category(ies) for which Identified Functional Classification Physical Requirements
(i) Locomotor Disability including Cerebral Palsy, Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victims, Leprosy Cured and Muscular Dystrophy OA (One Arm) OL (One Leg) Sitting, Standing, Walking, Seeing, Reading and Writing, Communication, Manipulation by Finger
BL (Both Legs) Sitting, Seeing, Reading and Writing, Communication, Manipulation by Finger
(ii) Blindness and Low Vision LV (Low Vision) Seeing, Reading and Writing
(iii) Hearing Impairment HH (Hard of Hearing) Hearing
(iv) Multiple Disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (i) to (iii) including deaf-blindness All mentioned above
[(i), (ii) and (iii) above]
All mentioned above
[(i), (ii) and (iii) above]

Indian Defence Estates Service Recruitment and Training

The IDES officers are recruited through Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC commission, all the selected candidates for All India Service, Group A and Group B are supposed to undergo orientation training. IDES comes under Group A services and the officers selected head towards NIDEM (National Institute of Defence Estates Management) at Delhi for the actual IDES training. The training at NIDEM is for 6 months and aims to learn the various departments of municipal control in Cantonment and Security Territory Management.

During the probation period the probationary IDES officers have to assume two months 'End of Probation Training' which includes the combination of practical knowledge gained in orientation training and field experience obtained in primary postings. The IDES officers also set for a tour to entire India for two weeks which is known as Bharat Darshan including Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air Force setup and also attached to Indian Army in some of the distant areas that are imperative part of training.

Indian Defence Estates Service Ranks and Salaries

Service Hierarchy
S.No Posts in Directorate Posts in Directorate General Time Scale Pay Band Grade
1 ------------- Director General Defence Estates Secretary level Post 80,000 –(Fixed) Apex Scale
2 Principal Director Sr. Addl. Director General Higher Administrative Grade 67,000-79000 --------
3 Director Addl. Director General Senior Administrative Grade 37.400-67.000 10,000/-
4 Joint Director Deputy Director General Junior Administrative Grade (Selection) 37.400-67.000 8,700/-
5 Joint Director Deputy Director General Junior Administrative Grade (Ordinary) 15,600-39,100 7,600/-
6 Deputy Director Assistant Director General Senior Time Scale 15,600-39,100 6,600/-
7 Assistant Director Assistant Director General Junior Time Scale 15,600-39,100 5,400/-

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