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Indian Ordnance Factories Service

Ordinance factories manufacture equipment for the Defence Services. The Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) officers serve in these factories for a span of nearly 10 years. They may be asked to serve as commissioned officers of the Armed forces for 4 years. At the apex of the IOFS is the Chairman equivalent to a Secretary, followed by Members of the Ordinance Factories or Director General Ordinance Factories and then by General Manager. The senior and junior scale positions are like the other services.

Indian Ordnance Factories Service Ranks and Salaries


Designation in the field

Designation in Headquarters

Pay Scale

Junior Time Scale

Assistant Works Manager

Assistant Director

₹15,600-₹39,100 plus grade pay of ₹5400

Senior Time Scale

Works Manager

Deputy Director

₹15,600-₹39,100 plus grade pay of ₹6600

Senior Time Scale (Non Functional)

Deputy General Manager

Joint Director

₹15,600-₹39,100 plus grade pay of ₹7600

Junior Administrative Grade (Functional)

Joint General Manager


₹37,400-₹67,000 plus grade pay of ₹8700

Senior Administrative Grade

Addl. GM / General Manager / Principal Director / Regional Director / Regional Controller of Safety

Deputy Director General

₹37,400-₹67,000 plus grade pay of ₹10000

Higher Administrative Grade

Senior General Manager / Senior Principal Director

Senior Deputy Director General

₹67,000-₹79,000 plus grade pay-Nil

Higher Administrative Grade (+)


Addl. Director General & Member of the Board

₹75,500-₹80,000 plus grade pay -Nil

Apex Scale


Director General Ordnance Factories (DGOF) & Chairman of the Ordnance Factories Board

₹80,000 (fixed) plus grade pay-Nil